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#1 - 2011/03/27 03:52:00 AM

I come here to talk about a bad heal in my opinion.

HW: Sanctuary is the spell with the higher mana cost (for priets), and heal on average 6.5 k in 18 seconds.

Its slow to heal, heal little, spend a great deal of mana (9k) and is still focused on the ground.

Please improve HW sanctuary... reduce the cost or improve his heal...

Anyone who agrees with me?

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#65 - 2011/03/29 04:05:00 PM
I had a talk with the devs about this very issue yesterday, and they are well aware of this subject, and tend to agree with those of us (one of my mains is a holy priest) who have noticed that Sanctuary could do with a buff.

There are two things that have to be dealt with here: 1) Holy priest AE healing is pretty decent as-is, and 2) we don’t want Sanctuary to be so similar to Healing Rain.

Again, the devs agree that a modest buff is a fair solution, although it is hard to know when or by what magnitude such a buff might come along.