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#1 - 2011/03/28 03:39:00 AM
I say change because the other word has been thrown around way too much on these forums, however this is off the topic of this thread.

For those who are not in a Lvl 21 Guild or have no idea what this ability is, Have Group, Will Travel is a spell that will mass summon everyone in the party or raid to the caste's current location--yay no more lock portals! Or so we thought.

The spell was originally able to be used within dungeons and raids, however overnight there was a stealth fix on the spell that prevented it from being casted in every instanced area and is now only able to be casted while outside. I don't know exactly this would happen (other than using it in TB to mass summon everyone to the base...which I knew that was going to need to be changed). However I would like to know why we can't use it in instanced areas, or at least raids (I know in Stonecore it was used by a rogue to stealth to the end boss and mass summon...but c'mon, how common is it to have a capable stealth class in every 5man).

Also, I tried looking for something on this and couldn't find it so I apologize if there is already a topic on this. The search function isn't all that too friendly when it gives you threads with just the word "Group" or "Travel"

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#10 - 2011/03/28 08:11:00 PM
It was hotfixed and that should be showing up in our hotfix tracking blog tonight or tomorrow.

Essentially it was being exploited to bring entire groups to the summoner, who would stealth past a few bosses, allowing the group to skip them. Guild perks should be just that, perks, and aren't intended to be game-changing mechanics. We would like to make it so that regardless of where the summoner is, the summonees are always summoned to the entrance of the dungeon, allowing this to still be very useful but avoiding that exploit-ability, but that will require further development.

We're also in the process of removing its use in Tol Barad while the battle is active.