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1. Introduction
2.0 Furbolg Lore
*** 2.1 General Lore
*** 2.2 Tribes
3.0 The reputation grind
*** 3.1 Why bother?
*** 3.2 Felwood
*** 3.3 Winterspring
*** 3.4 Non-Repeatable Quests
*** 3.5 Repeatable Quests
*** 3.6 Rep chart
*** 3.7 Profession rewards
*** 3.8 Other rewards
4.0 FAQ
5.0 Sources / credit

1.0 Introduction

Version: 1.1
1.0: Original guide written
1.1: Added Transformation ally only quest

Authot: Ashankt, Bloodhoof-EU

Hi there :) As an honourary member of the Orgrimmar's farmer association I'd like to talk to you about Furbolgs. This guide serves as an overview and an easy to follow guide about Furbolgs which may well be updated in the future. They are considered by many the most boring of factions, but for some reason I like them.

The Timbermaw Furbolgs are humanoid in race structure, favour neither the Alliance of Horde (although lore dictates they did favour the allies and those big eared elves), their home town is Timbermaw Hold and their native language is Ursine.

2.0 Furbolg Lore

2.1 General Lore

The furbolgs are a race of bear-men who traditionally shared the forests of eternal night with the elves. The simple and peaceful bear-men lived in harmony with the forests for generations. They were great friends and allies of the night elves, providing their Sentinels with information about the comings and goings of the forests, and warning them of potential danger.

However, the furbolgs close connection with the forests was exploited by the Burning Legion during the Third War. As the forests were corrupted many furbolg tribes became tainted with evil or went completely mad, and began attacking their former allies and destroying the lands they once protected. Their aged and wizened leaders were replaced by ruthless firebrands who lead the crazed furbolgs to prey upon the denizens of Ashenvale Forest.

Currently, many of these renegade furbolg tribes remain on the loose, and are considered a grave threat to nearby settlements. Those few furbolg tribes who do remain uncorrupted have become withdrawn and suspicious, fearing that any outsider may bring corruption and madness to them as well.


2.2 Tribes

Hostile: Found in Southern (Deadwood village) and Northern (Felpaw Village) Felwood

Hostile: Found in Ashenvale Forest (Greenpaw village), considered a threat to the Horde at Zoram'Gar Outpost

Hostile: Found in southwest (Gnarlpine Hold) and southeast Teldrassil. Newly corrupted and sitting atop the great tree.

Found in Darkshore, originally corrupted by Satyr's, however saved by Alliance adventurer's ;)

Hostile: Found in Ashenvale Forest. A thorn in the Horde's side as their village blocks the way to Splintertree Post, and gives the Alliance an extra expansion path. Naughty bears!

Hostile: Found in Winterspring, with a village close to Everlook these are the biggest, baddest of furbies and use a drug of kind called Winterfall Firewater, to make them bigger and stronger.

Rumour only to be in game: The Barkskin tribe of Furbolgs are native to Mount Hyjal. They , along with the Shadowtooth Trolls, fought alongside the Orcs and Humans under the command of Night Elves in the Battle of Mount Hyjal in WC3. Their fate after the Third War is unknown, though it is speculated that they survived and remain uncorrupted, and are often the basis of Furbolg playable race rumors.

It is not known whether they bare any relation to the cave dwelling Furbolgs that Tyrande saved from destruction in the Barrow Deeps under Mount Hyjal.


3.0 The reputation grind

3.1 Why bother?

Why indeed? To start off with there's the obvious. Quests and mobs = cash and XP :D The main objective or reason for doing Furbolg quests is to use the Timbermaw tunnel from Felwood to Moonglade or Winterspring. You can run through the tunnel but at a low level you're likely to die.

The rewards are good for not a huge amount of grinding too. Making professions benefit and the misc. rewards I'm sure are useful ... to someone ;). Tailor's note, this is where you get mooncloth boots from a quest.

Most of all furbolgs are great for cash. On an average furbolg as a troll rogue I can pickpocket a chest and a few silver, then why I kill it I can loot cash, runecloth, e'ko, firewater and random stuff. Any melee worth it's salt takes a good stack of firewater and so casters/ranged can use the stuff for cash (currently about 80s-1g each). The winterfall e'ko provides an str buff that gives 30 str for 30 minutes (better than a giants pot and allows you to use gromsblood for flasks).Alliance get to dress up like a furbolg.

3.2 Felwood

For this guide I've skipped the various other tribes as they don't give any reputation and although they're fun to mess around with the real grind as it were begins in Felwood... You start out as Hostile with the Timbermaw Hold (2500/3000 Hostile) and can gain reputation through killing mobs, handing in repeatable quests and completing quests. Your first stop should be a furbolg called Grazle see 3.4 for more. At the point you reach unfriendly you can go through the Timbermaw tunnel to Moonglade or Winterspring without being harmed.

3.3 Winterspring

Winterspring is an end level zone and as such you'll naturally progress there at some point so why not bludgeon a few Ewok looking Furbolgs on your travels? :D The main two points of interest are Winterfall Village and the Hot Springs where you can find serveral named mobs and quest points.

3.4 Non-Repeatable Quests

(28) Raene's Cleansing: Alliance only, this quest allows you to get a reward fairly on to turn you into a Furbolg - as seen in such uber films as Illegal Danish: Super Snacks

(48) Timbermaw Ally: Gives 50 reputation. On completion, allows looting of Deadwood Headdress Feathers from Deadwood furbogs. Can be done at Hated reputation. (

(55) Deadwood of the North: Gives 75 reputation. (

(55) Deadwood Ritual Totem: Gives 150 reputation. An item drops off of Deadwood Furbolgs and begins this quest. You must have Neutral reputation to turn in the quest. Kernda, a Furbolg who wanders the tunnels will give you 150 rep (and some money and potions) for turning in each totem. (

(55) Runecloth: Gives 100 reputation. Turn in 30 Runecloth. Must have Friendly reputation. (

(55) Sacred Cloth: Gives 100 reputation. Rewards the pattern for Mooncloth Boots. Must have Friendly reputation and be a tailor. (

(56) Winterfall Firewater: No reputation but a series related to Furbies. (

(56) Falling to corruption: No rep again - same line as above but good to do. Interact with the cauldron :) (

(56) Mystery Goo: Follow on lalalala (

(56) Winterfall Ritual Totem: Gives 150 reputation. An item drops off of Winterfall Furbolgs and begins this quest. You must have Neutral reputation to turn in the quest. Kernda, a Furbolg who wanders the tunnels will give you 150 rep (and some money and potions) for turning in each totem. (

(57) Toxic Horrors: Go between with no furbies, just Winterfall law but still - it's the law! (

(57) Winterfall Runners: No rep except for those killed, 3 runners go between the mountain pass and High Chief Winterfall's cave find them and kill them! (

(58) Winterfall Activity: Gives 75 reputation. On completion, allows looting of Winterfall Spirit Beads from Winterspring furbolgs. Can be done at Unfriendly reputation, and perhaps even at Hostile or Hated.

(59) High Chief Winterfall: You have to kill teh High Chief! Just remember that he has 2 adds with him and perhaps crowd control is the best method here. (

(59) Words of the High Chief: A book the High Chief drops ends this quest line rather uncerimoniously and indeed leaving you wanting for more. Take it to the Cenarion Camp in Felwood for some goodies (

3.5 Repeatable Quests

(XX) Feathers for Grazle: After completing ((48) Timbermaw Ally) this quest allows you to get lots of rep fast :D However I recommend keeping the feathers for revered when it's one of the few ways to gain rep if you plan on getting exalted. (

(XX) After completing ((58) Winterfall Activity) this quest allows you to get lots of rep fast :D However I recommend keeping the beads for revered when it's one of the few ways to gain rep if you plan on getting exalted. (

To go from revered to exalted takes 1400 beads/feathers... just to let you know ;)

3.6 Rep chart

Name of Mob - Rep at 60

Chieftain Bloodmaw - 15***
Deadwood Avenger - 5
Deadwood Den Watcher - 5
Deadwood Gardener - 5
Deadwood Pathfinder - 5
Deadwood Shaman - 5
Deadwood Warrior - 5
Grizzle Snowpaw - 25***
High Chief Winterfall - 25***
Overlord Ror - 15***
Ragepaw - 25***
Winterfall Den Watcher - 5
Winterfall Pathfinder - 5
Winterfall Runner - 5
Winterfall Shaman - 5
Winterfall Totemic - 5
Winterfall Ursa - 5

Please note from Revered to Exalted only mobs with *** next to the rep will give the

indicated amount the others will only drop the feather/beads for hand ins.

3.7 Profession Rewards

Friendly - Transmute Earth to Water(

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