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#0 - 2009/11/28 05:11:27 PM
anyone think that blizzard should bring out some new realms for The Burning Crusade , Wrath of the lich king and Origional ... i mean

TBC ---- Everything u could do in bc , no Wotlk stuff involved ((CAP 70))
WOTLK--- ((what we have now , everything included ((Cap 80))
ORIGIONAL--- the origional w.o.w , no TBC , or WOTLK involved ((Cap60))

Anyone who agrees with me or dissagrees with me , please post below....

Hope blizzard will do something like this soon!

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#61 - 2010/02/26 08:36:25 PM
We occasionally see requests for us to open pre-TBC realms, or classic realms if you prefer. Lately there have also been requests for pre-WotLK realms, and I am sure that once the next expansion pack is released there will be requests for pre-Cataclysm realms as well. We have answered these requests quite a few times now saying that we have no plans to open such realms, and this is still the case today.

We have no plans to open classic realms or limited expansion content realms, and you should not expect to see the opening of such realms with the launch of Cataclysm either.

We realize that some of you feel that the classic game was more fun than the current game, and as a result would like to revel in nostalgia; the developers however prefer to keep the game moving forward as they want the game to continuously evolve and progress.