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#0 - 2006/12/17 01:34:38 PM
Hi , cloak of the shadows Rogues stunlock me till I got low health and then let me out of use cloak of the shadows and I die , nothing I can do.

My question is , do you Rogues actualy think this is fair?
And don't come with the "warlock is overpowered" crap cause we never were Rogues , priests ,, Warriors (when we don't got succubus) , Hunters , DPS palas and shamans have always been able to own us , so every class except mages GG and iceblock mages certainly have a chance.

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#99 - 2008/07/24 04:00:33 PM
Q u o t e:
you do realise that this thread was made back in 06 dude

Looks like his forum sorting got messed up pretty badly.

Locking this thread as necromancy is pure evil!