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#1 - 2011/03/22 12:03:00 AM
I just had an issue like that.

I was clearly looking for TRANSMUTE MASTER, and I agreed on 13 TRANSMUTATIONS. However, some game master, named Xyresyk, told me smth like " Hey, u didnt say u want to get procs before trade, so u will not get em!". Why the hell would I be looking for a TRANSMUTE MASTER if I wouldnt want the [argh] procs???!!! This is just [non-understandable] way of Blizzard thinking.

I do understand when a player asks for a tranmute from alchemist, alchemist procs, and then player wants to get the procs. But when a player is looking for a transmute master ITS OBVIOUS he wants to get as much as possible from his mats, he knows about the procs that will come from transmute master, and he wants to get the procs. However Blizzard do not understand it, or consider it still as a BONUS. It does not matter I was looking for spec that procs.

Just n/c on this, Ill let that noob that scammed me eat all those gems, and I hope they will stop in his throut. I got rlly mad about this, one of the most stupid, unexplained policy from Blizzard that is NOT stated anywhere. So, transmute MASTERS! Feel free to scam as much as u want, u got approval from Blizzard on this one, hurrah!!!!!! I just lost 18 inferno rubies. Yey.

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#64 - 2011/03/22 04:04:00 PM
I’m very sorry to hear about your bad trading experience Bakuga. You may be right on this, you may be wrong. Just read through the dozens of responses so far. Everyone has a different way of performing this particular trade, everyone has a slightly different opinion. Some Guilds operate differently to others, common rules on one realm don’t seem to apply to others.

So, which one should we choose? What should be our stance on the issue? Should we just pick one at random from this thread? Should we take on your view? Or how about Lobotomy’s?

We have to draw a line somewhere Bakuga and you basically said it yourself:

There are no assumptions, there are facts.

This is so true. We can only work from evidence and facts. Bear in mind that we will be taking action on somebody’s account if they are found guilty, possibly suspending access to it for some time. This is a serious action and so we have to be 100% sure that any decision we make is backed up with facts and evidence. There can be no assumptions.

We use chat/trade logs to do this and I assure you that this incident was thoroughly investigated by the in-game support team. However, when we use these logs, we have to find concrete evidence that there was a malicious intent to scam. Obviously, the easiest way to do that is through the chat-logs leading up to the trade. I have read these logs myself, and I have to side with the answer you have already been given.

I certainly see where you are coming from Bakuga, but I sincerely think that there is some genuine confusion during the incident and that both of you are completely innocent. There was no intent to scam you and the transmuter does his/her best to reasonably explain the situation to you. And therefore the Game Master is left with a difficult decision to make. If we take the procs from the transmuter, he will claim that you scammed him by not raising the issue before the actual transmutes. If we don’t take any action at all, then you feel the way that you do now. Due to the potentially severe implications, all we can do is follow our policy and that is what the GM did. The policy is as it is for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Like others have said, we strongly encourage you to eliminate any possibility of assumption in your future trades (this goes for all other readers too). And this doesn’t just apply to the buyer, but the seller aswell. The clearer the agreement, the less confusion and more protection the trade will have.

Now, I’m going to lock this thread as it got a bit personal in places and there was some borderline language involved. However, I want to give you a link to one of our Spotlight posts which is all about scams:

You can use this thread to offer your feedback on the current scam policy. Please do so constructively Bakuga, you look like a good player and seem to have some decent brains, so use them and think your feedback through carefully before posting it.

Additionally, as you have already been advised, you are free to email if you would like a senior member of the team to re-investigate the issue for you.

Thanks and good evening. May your next trading experience be an extremely profitable one.