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#1 - 2011/03/18 08:24:00 PM
is that real or a joke?

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#18 - 2011/03/18 09:16:00 PM
Greetings Popknight,

Although I’d like to touch on the matter over which you’ve opened your ticket, I’ll begin by addressing your surprise at what I believe must be the in-game display providing an estimate of how long your in-game petition may take for you to receive a response.

The in-game estimate is, I’m afraid, precisely that – an estimate – and it’s based off the oldest petitions currently in the queue (bearing in mind that these may include issues that require thorough investigation, and will take more time to resolve as a result). If you’re looking for potentially a more accurate indication, I’d recommend taking a look at our Twitter feed;

As your current petition appears to have only been open for just over an hour, I would hope you’ll receive a reply well in advance of any 8 hour estimates that may have been provided. However, as some of the others in this thread have said, if you happen to be offline at the time your ticket is serviced then our in-game team will do their best to respond based on the information supplied in your petition text.

To this end, I’d highly recommend expanding on the description in your ticket, especially if you’re wanting to discuss a particular auction or auctions placed earlier today. I’m afraid I’ve never heard of the Auction House erroneously returning an incorrect amount of gold to a seller after a successful auction has been bought, but if you’d like our in-game team to check the logs and see how much you originally set the buyouts or bid prices for then please do provide approximate times or some information about what you were auctioning (as you’ve done here).

Good luck. :)