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#0 - 2007/02/02 09:56:45 PM
A Guide to Mage Macros
This is my best attempt to consolidate and organize the commonly used macros currently available for mages. The previous thread on mage macros is long out-of-date, so I'm sure this will be more useful. I'm not looking to include all the information Karite did on slash commands and addons, just macros. Hopefully anyone reading this will find what they're looking for, or have their own ideas to contribute. Additions and revisions are welcomed! Please reply if you've got something to add, or a better coded version of anything you see here.

In the interest of simplicity, I've tried to offer only one or two options for many of these macros. Also, my own press-or-click preferences for certain spells are evident in the macros I've included. If you would rather use modifier keys where I chose mouse buttons, or vice versa, swap [button:2] for [modifier:alt] anywhere you'd like. Also, I use example spells & items rather than a <Spell Name> argument; if you're concerned about the exact name of your spell or item, you can link it into your macro instead of mine (by shift-clicking the item or button in your spellbook). If you want other subtle changes, check out Cogwheel's Macro guide, linked as a resource below.

Post count capped again! I'm sad I didn't get my own 500th reply.

Before the Storm & The Burning Crusade & Changes to Macro Writing
Blizzard introduced significant changes to the WoW API shortly before the Burning Crusade expansion went live. The changes included a complete retooling of macro syntax. Many functions which were complex before have become very easy to program, but several previously useful mage macros were disallowed. The stated intent of the changes was to prevent macros and addons from making intelligent decisions, so that players would be responsible for when and what spells were used, and who the targets would be.
Previously, /script logical commands were available to automatically speed up decision making. The 2.0 changes protected many of these functions, disabling addons and macros which called them. Any macros which relied on checking you or your target's Buffs, Debuffs, Health, Mana, Range, Spell Cooldowns, and many other options are no longer possible.
While we lost some competitive edge from these changes, many alternatives have been introduced to make implementing our own decisions much easier.

Sources & Resources
Those new to using macros (or programming in general) would benefit from a read through Cogwheel's Macro Intro & FAQ (now including a discussion of conditional options) at

Another great resource for macro, addon, and script information of all sorts is

Information and ideas included in this guide have also been taken from the following sites. My thanks are due to these authors and contributors.


1. Offensive Macros
  • Spammable Arcane Missiles
  • Interrupt Ice Lance
  • Opener Pyroblast
  • Modifier Pyroblast
  • Frostbolt(Rank 1) Kiting
  • Stealth Breaker Arcane Explosion
  • One-Button Blizzard/Flamestrike
  • Castsequence Attack Routine
  • Friendly Fire Targeting
  • Cooldown Burners
  • I.W.I.N Buttons
    --Berserking & MQG
    --PoM AP Trinket Pyroblast
  • Pet Tricks, the Water Elemental and you.
    --Spammable Summon & Attack
    --Summon & Freeze
    --Dismiss (& Invisibility)
    --Modifier Nova
    --On Demand Shatter
    --Just Die Already

    2. Defensive Macros
  • Blink & Look
  • Decurse
  • Interrupt Counterspell
  • Focus Counterspell
  • Your Favorite Harmless Animal, Polymorph
    --Polymorph: Focus
    --Polymorph: Spam
    --Polymorph: Random
    --Polymorph: Target Alert
  • Shapeshifting, Ice Cube Form
    --Breakable Ice Block
    --Ice Block/Cold Snap
    --Break & Counterspell
  • One-Button Wards
  • Ice Barrier & Mana Shield
  • Self-Bandaging

    3. Utility Macros
  • All-in-One Mana Gems
  • Evocation
  • All-in-One Food & Water
  • Smart Dampen/Amplify
  • Self Buff Sequence
  • One-Button Armor
  • One-Button Portal
  • One-Button Teleport
  • High Level Portal & Teleport

    4. Keybinding 201
  • SetBindingMacro
  • SetBindingSpell

    Last Updated 5-16-08
    Added "Just Die Already" to water elemental macros, to correct the death bug in patch 2.4.2.

    I've been ignoring this pretty much completely since it post capped. If you feel something needs to be updated that I haven't paid attention to, feel free to get in touch in game or via my guild website.

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    #175 - 2007/02/16 12:10:34 AM
    Updated info in this thread is going to replace the old macro thread. Cheers, gang!