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#1 - 2011/03/13 09:39:00 PM
I am annoyed with how everybody skips to the last boss...I've done this instance so many times in between all of my 85s enough to know how annoying it is. Alot of good gear is put onto the other bosses but groups don't want to do those they just want to skip to the last boss.

I just came from one of those groups, where 3 guildies (since blizzard made it that doing a guild group gives more guild rep, it's more common you find 3+ guildies together), me and another pug, i found myself outvoted 4/5 people wanted to just skip to the last boss when there are quite a few nice drops off the other 3 on the 2nd floor. Blood of Isiset, band of life energy, legwraps of astral rain...all of those drop from other bosses and none from Rajh, and all of them are upgrades for me.

Perhaps in the next patch you could possibly set it up so you can't just skip to the last boss and you have to complete the other 3 first? maybe like poles of light like you see in uldum that connect to activate the stone statue of Rajh? I am tired of getting gibbed in getting gear, this i believe falls under the rules of regulation of "interfering with another person's playing time" or something along those lines...cause my gear basically is determined by 4 other group members, where I'd say about 60% of the time is a bunch of guildies and about 98% of the time, people want to just skip to Rajh.

Please fix this for healers, dps, and anyone else that wants gear off the last few bosses in Heroic Halls of Origination (it's not so much a problem in reg cause you don't get valor and i found alot of groups went along with it).

edit: just making sure...but this is where i was supposed to post this i hope?

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#161 - 2011/03/16 02:10:00 AM
03/13/2011 2:39 PMPosted by Holyprest
Perhaps in the next patch you could possibly set it up so you can't just skip to the last boss and you have to complete the other 3 first?

We'll need to weigh the value of optional dungeon and raid bosses further before we make any changes. There's good arguments on both sides. On the one hand, optional bosses can be great for keeping dungeons and raids from feeling too linear or formulaic -- and, when done right, they can also give groups a meaningful choice between getting extra loot and completing a run faster. On the other, optional bosses can sometimes create social tension, especially in Dungeon Finder groups, if players disagree whether they should invest the time to fight them.

We know there’s room for improvement, though. For example, we understand that it's probably not the best idea to have optional bosses dropping loot that's BiS. Giving those bosses side-grades (rather than strict upgrades) or similar items could make the "extra loot" vs. "quicker run" decision less stressful. We also feel that optional bosses in general might work better in raids than in dungeons because raids tend to be made up of players who know each other and/or have a strong leader who's empowered to make calls about which bosses to kill.

Heroic Halls of Origination is a good example of where optional bosses can cause conflicts. In retrospect, we feel that it may have been better to require players to kill all four of the "top" bosses -- Isiset, Ammunae, Setesh, and Rajh -- to get credit for their random Heroic dungeon rewards (instead of just Rajh). While we don't yet know if retrofitting the dungeon or the random dungeon reward requirements is the best course of action, we've learned a lot from watching groups, reading your feedback, and just playing ourselves. We’re definitely keeping those lessons in mind as we develop future content and if we do make any changes, we'll be sure to let you know.