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This guide will be about everything associated with cutting and socketing gems.

Jewelcrafting is a very fun but expensive profession. You can make many rings and necklaces that are better than most drops in the game. However the best part about jewelcrafting is cutting gems.

The official jewelcrafting page can be found here:

Being a jewelcrafter in the later levels of the profession (skill level of 300+) will mostly involve cutting gems for yourself and others. Gems come from mining ore nodes/veins and from prospecting raw ore. You don’t have to be a miner to be a jewelcrafter but if you aren’t it will cost you tons of gold to get your materials. Its like how herbalism and alchemy go hand in hand.

Prospecting is an additional skill you learn as a jewelcrafter. You prospect 5 ore at a time. Prospecting is comparable to disenchanting in that when you prospect an ore you destroy the ore but you get something for it. In this case you will always get 1 ore dust and additionally you have a chance of getting between 0 and 4 gems/jewels.

The dust from prospecting are all grey items EXCEPT for adamantite dust which you will need at higher levels for trinkets/rings/necklaces

For a list of what gems / jewels should drop off your prospect of each ore type with percentages of each single drop check here:

Remember to click the prospecting tab.
Fell Iron

What is the difference between gems and jewels?
Jewels CANNOT be cut into a socketable gem and can be found on any of the original node types or by prospecting, copper, tin, iron, mithril and thorium.

Gems CAN be cut into socketable gems and are only found on outland node types or by from prospecting thorium, fel iron, or adamantite.

Thorium has a chance of dropping both jewels and outland gems.

To cut a gem into a socketable gem you must learn the recipe for each specific cut you can do. All gems cuts are learned from recipes not from the trainer, however the trainer in Thrallamar/Honor hold sells your first 10 or so gem cuts as scrolls. The rest of the uncommon (green) gem cuts need reputation with one faction or another to buy the scroll. All of the rare (blue) gem cuts are drop recipes. All gems cut at a 1 to 1 ratio meaning you only need one gem to make a socketable gem.

Socketable gems are BOE so you can sell them on the auction house or mail them to friends. All gems, cut or uncut, fall under the trade goods section of the auction house.

Some gems are drops and pvp rewards, these are already cut to have stats on them and usually are unique. Also enchanters can make 2 spheres that fit in any slot but a meta slot.

Meta gems, How do they work?

Meta gems only fit in a helm, and only in a meta gem slot in that helm. These gems have extra requirements also. For example: Swift Windfire Diamond requires 2 yellow and 1 red gem. There usually isnt that many slots for other gems on the helm.
Diajin sums this up perfectly:
Q u o t e:
When you see requirements like "2 red and 1 yellow" that is describing the rest of your gear. So, you might have 2 red gems in a belt, and a yellow in your boots. Orange, green, and purple count for both of their colors, so 1 orange and 1 red would also suffice in the above example.

Meta gems are made of 2 types of diamonds: earthstorm and skyfire. These diamonds are made through an alchemists transmute. The transmute is on a 48 hr cooldown. The materials for each are as follows:

Earthstorm Diamond - 3 deep peridot, 3 shadow draenite, 3 golden draenite, 2 primal earth, 2 primal water
Skyfire Diamond - 3 flame spesserite, 3 azure moonstone, 3 blood garnet, 2 primal fire, 2 primal air

First, here is a great visual socketing guide just made by blizzard.

To place a socketable gem into an item: <shift> right click on the item and drag and drop the gem in the socket you want. When you are happy with your placement click the “socket gems” button. You can socket gems one at a time or all at once.
The sockets are color coded so that if you match the gem color to the socket color you get the bonus stat added on.

Any gem can be put into any socket, however if you don’t match the colors you wont get the bonus. For example as a rogue I took the Vest of Vengance with red, yellow, and blue sockets. I put 3 red gems that each had +12 attack power in the slots and therefore I didn’t get the bonus of +4 dodge rating.

Once you socket a gem into an item it cannot be removed, however you can replace it with another gem. When you hit the “socket gems” button the new gem takes the place of the old one in that socket and it destroys the old gem.

Jewelcrafters cannot add sockets to an item, only blizzard can do that.

For a few JC guides including powerleveling guide with mats listed look on page 3 of this guide post 46

Frazzledog has made an excellent graph of gems by color. find it here

The full Jewelcrafting powerlevel guide from 1 to 300 can be found here
this is a post in the middle of a thread of posts of all the powerlevel guides for all professions.

For a good place to send people for a list of gems and what stats they have go here:
If you are a jewelcrafter, you can register and fill the database with your known cuts so people can come to you with the gem cuts that they want.

I use Advanced Tradeskill Window (atsw) because it lets you customize your tradeskill window. I have categorys for caster and mele gems and each color seperate.
(this guide will not be updated with the latest version of these addons so please check yourself)

Agramar reccomends Gemlist. It has a feature so that upon a specific whisper you send info on the gem or gem type asked about.
(this guide will not be updated with the latest version of these addons so please check yourself)



Cut gems are BOE and can be found in the trade goods section of the auction house.

Gem cuts are learned from scrolls not the trainer, however your JC trainer in thrallamar/honor hold sells some scrolls. The rest are obtained through rep grinds and drops.

Gem colors do not have to match the color of the socket, but you will only get the bonus from matching colors.

Some cut gems are bought from vendors or dropped off bosses, and enchanters can make 2 spheres that fit in sockets.

Jewelcrafters cannot add sockets to an item

To socket a gem <shift> right click on the item, drag and drop the gem, and click the “socket gems” button

You cannot remove a gem once its socketed into an item, however you can replace it. This destroys the old gem.

You can socket gems into an item one at a time or all at once.

Prospecting uses 5 base ore, destroying the ore and giving you 1 ore dust and between 0 and 4 gems

Base ores are: copper, tin, iron, mithril, thorium, fel iron, and adamantite. No other ores are prospectable

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