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#0 - 2007/03/06 10:40:10 PM
Welcome, fellow priests and priestesses.

DISCLAIMER: Do not read this introduction if you're only looking for macros: jump to the next post now

This thread is a resurrection.

Some of you remember (or at least I hope so) that there used to be a Priest Macros post on this forum, a long time ago, born with the new versions of World of Warcraft's forums. It had its seat among the other sticky posts, and grew longer and longer thanks to the support of many priests and even some other players that passed by and asked their questions. I spent a lot of time answering many, many of them. Writing the answer is hard. Posting the answer and realising that you didn't copy it and that the forum ate it forever, and that you have to write it again, is even harder. But most of all, even though entertaining, the hardest work was to produce the macros (and even sometimes the addons, maybe coded for only one user). It took me hours. Maybe days if I include the little addons.

Sadly, this thread got "unstickied" with all the others when a forum cleanup occurred. It almost matched the day where Slouken and Iriel posted the new macro options and all the API changes on the US forum for the patch 2.0. Therefore, I decided not to request a new sticky on my old thread, but to rebuild it. Once again, I spent a lot of time, trying to understand with no way to test anything how the new macros would work, finding examples, trying to make categories to make them easier to find and every possible thing that could make this post better.

And again, a Priest Macros thread was alive. It grew as well as the old one, maybe even better as people wanted to replace their old macros. I coded some few addons again, I met via whispers in game, or IRC talks, some priests that I talked a lot about interface with, and helped them coding small stuff, or coded stuff for them.

And I got a temporary forum ban.

You will tell me that no one cares. Actually, I wouldn't have really cared myself if this ban hadn't deleted all my posts, and therefore all the threads I had started. Good bye, Macros Post.
Wondering if I would have to post everything again, I of course sent a mail to Blizzard, asking if this was a mistake, if it was intended, if they knew if it could be brought back (off-topic: I also asked the exact reason of my ban).

Ten days later, still waiting for any sign of life from the not-so-active (oh, really?) customer service, I wrote a second mail, still in a humble and diplomatic tone.

Three more weeks, and PoM got nerfed. I got my second forum ban, and sent a third mail to the same email address. After three days, I received an answer explaining me that this kind of matter couldn't be solved by mail and that I had to fill a online request, which I did of course. Now, another ten days have past, and I still got no answer.

Therefore I feel like I have to post this thread again. It is not fair, whether I have done mistakes or not (I still got no answer about the exact reason of any of my bans), that priest community misses the Priest Macros thread that all the other classes have an equivalent for. So I checked my backups and found the "release" version of this thread.

Sadly, there were mistakes that I do not remember and will have to be corrected again. There are other macros that haven't been added. I have to make a summary again, etc etc...

But what else? What else when you get an answer from the Customer Service only once every four tries? If my mails were impolite, I would understand, but they were not. What else am I supposed to do?
None of you probably cared. Most of you probably didn't read and they were right. Still, if someone asks me why there are mistakes or gaps in this thread, I can point him this wall of text and Blizzard's Customer Service.

Layrajha, level 70 priest on Grim Batol alliance, is proud to bring back to life what had been unfairly taken. Here is the guide to the priest macros.

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#246 - 2007/07/31 02:52:43 PM
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