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Theorycrafting: Game Mechanisms explained

Theorycrafting posts used to be something really common on the old forums. Many people wanted to know how things worked, either by simple curiosity or to improve their play-style. However, once all those curious people got their answers, theorycraft became less interesting, and the rare posts I've seen were when an update brought some new things to calculate or to understand.

For newer players, or players that just started to wonder about something, the fact that there is almost no place to find theorycraft anymore (as no one posted that on the new forums) is a problem. Therefore, I am writing this little guide to complete the other guides. I am not posting this in the general forums because I am not good enough at tanking or physical damaging theory. I am a priest, and know about the priest class mostly. Therefore, I made this guide with priest tips here and there, while trying to keep a general point of vue.

As there are many questions that I have no answer to, I have put some few part in italic to show what I don't know. I would love to get answers (documented ones: either a real test with numbers or a link to a blue post). If you have some, post them and I'll update my posts.

Also, of course, if there is something that you didn't understand, feel free to ask. Also feel free to suggest a little guide on another subject if you've always wondered how something works.

I will start with only two little guides about two things that many, many, many people don't know well about: the difference between School of Magic and Spell Line, and how the resistances, spell hit and spell penetration work. A guide about mana regeneration (spirit, mp5, 5sec rule, etc...) and one about downranking are to be made (or maybe copy/pasted first until I have time to give them a good form).


  • School of Magic VS Spell Line
    • Schools of Magic
    • Spell Lines
    • Consequences and common misunderstandings
      • Incoherences
      • Counterspell, Kick, Pummel, Shield Bash, Spell Lock
      • Shadowform and Holy Spells
      • Shadowform's cast, Shapeshifts

  • Magical Resistances, Spell Penetration, Spell Hit
    • Two barriers
      • 1st barrier: Hit chance
          How many points in Shadow Focus?
      • 2nd barrier: Spell resistance / penetration
    • Holy resistance
    • Dispel, Mass Dispel, Purge, Cleanse, Silent Resolve

  • Threat and Aggro
    • Threat list
    • Threat points
    • Aggro, and how (not) to pull it
    • Taunt
    • Fade and how to use it well

  • Mana regeneration (Spirit, MP5, 5 seconds rule)
    To be made

  • Downranking
    To be made

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