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#0 - 2007/03/26 06:21:47 PM
is there way to make it higher? thought it would be usefull for hunter :F pardon, if noobish questiong

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#15 - 2007/03/28 01:56:33 PM
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This works for me -
Open you WoW folder now open the "WTF" folder, open the config file, and search for "SET TargetNearestDistance," (if it doesn't exist add it in on a new line) change it to and number you want, the larger the number the large your tab target distance/ it should read after you set it

then close WoW and restart
personally I have it set at 700, just tinker around with until you get it how you want it. ;)

PS - If your on Windows, dont use Notepad to open the config file, use Wordpad :)

Thanks for the tip :-)