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Disclaimer: No pc can be made safe for 100 % that’s impossible. With this guide you can get a whole end but remember: There’s always a change that one might get trough your pc defenses.
And yes, also if you have a Mac pc, or a Linux pc, you can still be inffected!

If you have recieved a email from 'Blizzard', en you're unsure if it is a valid one, then please take a look at this exxelent post made by the well known Schwick.


1: Introduction & Information
2: Taking action
3: Tips & Tricks
4: Browsers
5: Handy programs

Update 10 - 07 - 2007: I've added alot about rootkits and tryed to explain somthing about them and what you can do. Also I have updated the text to make it more accurate.
Also added a new handy program plus some links to handy sites.
If you're at it, also take a look at the new and shiny browser section! On the very last, I've tweaked the layout abit.
Hope you folks like it ;-)

The second page is afer Swchicks and Tolbuchkin post/ Noticed that too late :(

1: Introduction & Information:

Greetings all,

When I today look at the forums I see loads of posts about bots/hacking/keyloggers ect. This does very concerns me and due to that I’ve decided to make this guide which contains
A lot of useful information on viruses, keyloggers, rootkits ect. First I’ve made some info on what exactly are these nasty things so you can better recognize them and take the approciate action required. If you are looking for a quik guide on the how to secure your pc the right way please skip the info part and go on to the part where we are going to protect ourselves.
What I described in this guide can be done totally free no taxes or whatever are required. I just let you show that also with zero money you can get an excellent secured pc.


A virus is a little program desinged to delete all of your hard disk and may sometimes display unwanted ads during startup/login. It can cause heavy damage but that depends on what virus we’re talking about. A handy site with a world virus guide and instructions on how to remove them can be found here:


A keylogger is a very small program that keeps track on all your logins, and then steals your login data – send it to a server where the maker hacks into your (bank) account and steals all of your money. Usually it comes with a tracking cookie that keeps track of your key strokes and send you unwanted spam which may contain viruses/keyloggers.


You can have all the protection in the world against viruses but that’s not enough. Spyware will get trough it! You may think how that possible? Let me explain: A firewall blocks all incoming data exept programs that he trusts. Now Internet explorer he will trust that of course it’s a well known product. But in 95 % of the website’s are tracking cookies desinged to give you advertisements based on your needs. In most of the times Spyware is send with the cookie and the browser says: Hey, that’s a cookie I’ll let it pass for sure. That’s the danger of Spyware it also infects your pc with unwanted programs, unwanted register keys, and loads of more crap. The thing is all those files need to be loaded and running so that your pc keeps becoming slower and slower and eventually broken down. Many people think: Hey it’s not working anymore must be the hardware. That’s not true mostly the cause is viruses, keyloggers, Spyware and LOADS of more crap.


Quote from the Microsoft site: The term rootkit is used to describe the mechanisms and techniques whereby malware, including viruses, spyware, and trojans, attempt to hide their presence from spyware blockers, antivirus, and system management utilities. There are several rootkit classifications depending on whether the malware survives reboot and whether it executes in user mode or kernel mode.

So basicly a rootkit is a litte program that attempts to hide from the security on your pc.
Most of the times it is succseeding, altough with the right program you have far more chances to see whats really going on.
More information about rootkits can be found here:

2: Taking action:

So let us secure our pc against unwanted junk, crap (or whatever you want to call it.)
The first thing we need to install is a proper viruscanner if you search on Google you will get 7.300.00 results a giant list to make a good selection out. As I previously said I will only name free & good products so no need to buy expensive products.

Now enough talking time for some fireworks!

First we need to download the program you can do that here: download and install it. Then start the program. After that you come in the AVG control center. The first and most important thing is updating hit the update button and let it do its work. After that we’re done with it but we will come back on it later.

Second, We need to have a proper firewall you can get a realy good easy to use one here: Simply download it and install and also update it. You can explore the program abit yourself but don't make it a mess if you have done that, Re-install it so it comes again under the standard value's again.

Third we are going to secure us against Spyware. (Yay :-)) First you need to know what many people do to protect themselves against Spyware. HOLY CRAP! Spyware mean crap let’s do something about it! Mmm... Let’s Google on it yes… good idea… Mmm this site seems to be ok... ( ) mm 5 star rating from some techno site… Must be ok! Ok I’ll give it a try Mmm… Nice program scans find a lot real time protection but $ 35 a year. Well that’s ok it’s a very good program. Ok here the awareness of the problem is there. Good. Whets not so good is that there are zillions of Spyware out there all willing to kill your pc for ever. Therefore one anti-Spyware program is not enough. We need an easy to control program that uses all programs to its full potential. You might think there’s no such a program but there is have a look at it here: simply download it install it (It can seem a little hectic but that’s part of the installation.)
Now we downloaded and installed and updated it all what now? Using of course!

Virus scanner: ( AVG )

Here it’s very simple simply hit the big button called ‘’ Scan computer’’ And let it do it’s job. It’s best that you let it run overnight ( Or when you have time for it.You can be raiding on that time of course. ) If a virus is found AVG will first attempt to clean the file if that’s not possible AVG will delete the file.

Spyware protection: Hitman pro 2:

Here it’s very simple just hit the start button and let the program do his job. You need to be there the first 5 minutes to accept all user agreements or you want to be there the wholl time reading every single letter of it. ;-) Note: Your pc might seem taken by some kind of alien power but that’s Hitman pro 2. Don’t be afraid the program installs the other Spyware guards. It will set all rules automatically so no worries.

So we’ve just raised our defenses but we are not done yet. If you want to be fully aware of all the dangers please read the tips & tricks found below.

Rootkit Protection

Oke since you now have readed about rootkits it's best we are going to take some action against it. There are several programs that can do it for you. Both commercial and non-commercial. The best program i've used so far is from Microsoft. You cannot go wrong with this program, cause it ahs only one button called scan. Oke first thing we're up to is downloading it. You can do that here: Then uzip it, and make a shortcut to a place where you can find it easy. Then start the program and click ''Scan'' The program will now begin searching and this will not take very long. On my pc it took about 1 min. Popular rootkits are for example HackerDefender. If you're unsure if you have a rootkit or what it is; Google it! Simply copy it and let Google do his magic touch. I'm sure that you will find what you need. Also a good thing to do is to search for it at major sites or contact a proffesional. A good and easy way to get rid of them and find help is to create a account on a popular tech website. ( For Dutch people you can visit )

3: Tips & Tricks:

The most important one of course first: Never ever, share your account with anyone! You also shoulden't give your password to anyone. Not even to friends/family ect.

1: NEVER open a .exe file from a random guy.

2: Don’t click links you don’t trust.

3: Run all scans once a week not less! ( For example: Spyware on Monday Viruses on Thursday. You get the idea. )

4: Run a chkdsk every month and also a defragmentation.

5: Never Open a mail from people you don't know. Always delete them

6: Never click on ''Yes''' if a screen pops up. It can be a Yes I want to be innfected message!

7: If you're unsure what somthing is, Google it. If it all sounds strange to you, then contact someone who does now it.

8: Always read the Flaming Ruby! ( See here:

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Q u o t e:
i dunno how i can put password on my router :( i bet its rly simple, but i just have no idea where to go / press etc.. is it different depending on what router i have?

Try looking on the back of your router, it might show you the ip to access it and the login as well.