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#0 - 2007/05/09 01:22:22 PM
Player question: "Is there or will there ever be more to the essence of eranikus quest line past the stuff in winterspring now or in the forseeable futue (in the next patch)?"

Tseric replies:
It is something we've brought up recently, along with other questlines such as "The Missing Diplomat".

While it is on the table, there are no immediate plans to continue these, as we tend to be building new questlines. While we agree that particular story-lines like these are interesting and something that really digs into and drives the lore, that can be done in other places, as well.

Continuing a questline of this kind would require players to have to go back and search for a quest-giver of lower-level than the player is likely to be at. The players who would benefit from this are those that are at the level range when the continued questline is implemented. While some may want to go back to places like Sunken Temple, the level disparity would diminish any sort of actual challenge the quest-line might have. If it is continued for a level-capped player, there is now a large gap between where the quest takes you for the first leg and when you can continue it on the second leg, from a leveling perspective.

Restoring the item is not really that much of an issue. If we were to continue a line, restoring any required items is already possible with current game technology and would be a primary consideration when designing a continuation.

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