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#0 - 2007/05/10 02:35:12 AM
I guess we can all agree that we can’t have enough CloS nerf threads. In order to simplify the creation of such, I have written this quick guide that I like to call: The CloS Nerf Thread Guide, or TCNTG, to make it easier to remember.

TCNTG – v. 1.2

1) Always start off with: “This is not another nerf or whine thread, but…”

2) In order to avoid the L2P responses, make sure early on to tell everybody how good you really are and it is in fact this very skill that makes the game unbalanced.

Example: "I almost always win, but since the introduction of cloak of skillz…"

3) To silence any doubters of your imba skills, always, I mean always, post with an unrelated alt. The best is to borrow your mate’s rogue, but if you do not have one available any alt will do the trick.

4) Explain in detail to the rogue community how they beat you, it increases the credibility. If you do not know how to play a rogue just use random “roguish” words or abbreviations.

Example: "He stunlocked me with SAP and kidney shot while relentlessly back-stabbing me. Finally he used his IWIN-button and that was really what killed me."

5) Never ever call it Cloak of Shadows! Always use bastardised forms like Cloak of Skillz or IWIN-button. Also remember that you can never use the word over-powered too many times.

6) Be part of the solution! Suggest changes to the ability and while at it, suggest some other changes too. As we all know, the rogue forum is the right place to do it, where else? Note: Do not use the word nerf, but neutral words such as change or balance.

Example: "Couldn’t we change the CloS ability so that the chance is 50% to resist half the spells? It could also be further balanced by that we get an ability to get out of stunlock, just like mages have blink."

7) And yes, it is now in fashion not only to discuss the CloS ability itself, there is also an issue with the duration and cooldown. Be sure to point out that the 5 seconds duration is an eternity in PvP while the 1 min cooldown runs off really fast.

8) Finish off where you started, it creates continuity. “So as you see, this is not another CloS nerf thread, but rather...”

9) In case you are uncertain whether or not your arguments alone will get the attention they deserve, or you are not very verbal, just SHOUT, that will usually do it. Also, by adding leet-speak and profanities you will look determined, cool and clever.


These nine steps should get you started with your thread, good luck.

PS: I may have forgotten some important ingredients. Perhaps there are some helpful rogues that can fill me in.

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#47 - 2007/05/10 02:12:32 PM

If all nerf-callers followed this guide, it would be easier and faster to identify and ban the trolls. This thread therefore has my full support!