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#1 - 2011/03/02 06:23:00 PM
After numerous calls to tech support etc also having my cache killed via in game tickets, due to constantly logging in and out due to dc,s and other reasons i wont mention here
Then giving tech support all the msinfo and other things they asked for to get the reply i was hoping for "your pc does indeed look perfect" Phew !

Tech support have stated i do indeed seem to have an issue their end.
i have questioned my dps on various chars i have as i have seen the same figures across the board on a few chars reguardless of class .

Upon their advise i removed it due to its buggy nature and the amount of memory it does and can use. The reason i use it is purely to confirm a change i have made is for the better when it comes to damage done or to practice on the dummies to see whats good for me.

Upon changing to their sujestion (skada) i have instantly seen big differences in dps on all chars :)
I have had to put up with insults and abuse and kicks from others using recount and my questions are as follows

has anyone else had a similar issue with recount or their cache at blizzards end ... if so how did it get resolved

and how long did it take to fix as avoiding runs because of the abuse isnt what i am paying for

for example of dps diffs .....
recount might say 1863.0 dps skada 6998.0
tried both in total and last fight etc as per instructions

please dont state its your gear oops wrong char people and i have been down this line with tech support.
this, little guy is exactly where id expect to be with him for the time ive actually had on him plus ive avoided dungeons for the best part of him ( avoiding the fall out )

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#3 - 2011/03/02 06:53:00 PM

This isn't something technical Support can really help you with, if you feel that your having issues with your DPS, I would suggest you use the rogue class forums and discuss the matter with other rogue players.

In regards to cache, there is nothing stored server side that would impact the results of a third-party add-on, that said such add-ons are not always reliable.