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#1 - 2011/03/01 06:11:25 AM
Give the real developers back to WoW because these changes keep getting dumber and dumber with each patch. I don't know what interns you have replacing the senior developers but they clearly have no clue what they are doing. How many times are you going to fluctuate warrior/dk damage while you keep elemental shamans useless? Half the hunter glyphs don't work correctly but it's ok the tooltips are getting updated. Mages dominating 3v3, nerf moonkin. Honestly 95% of PTR changes seem to have come from darts to a dartboard.

Maybe make the PTR not just for show while you're at it hmmm?

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#47 - 2011/03/01 08:08:52 PM
Hi. The class design team has remained largely unchanged for years, in that none of them have left the team for new projects recently. Drawing a false conclusion to try and enhance your argument isn't constructive. Please don't do that. Thanks.