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#0 - 2007/07/31 06:14:57 PM
This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads for the Shaman community.

If there are any threads that should be added or removed from this list, please report them using the red bio-hazard symbol that can be found next to the thread's subject title (Reason: Sticky Request)

General information:

Shaman IRC
If you want to talk about talents, some huge crits, that PvP movie you just saw, or anything else that might pop into your mind, join our IRC Channel and have a chat.

Shaman Wiki page!
Here you can find all sorts of information regarding the Shaman class in World of Warcraft.

Class Guides:

A Beginners Guide to Shamans
This guide is intended to give some basic tips for those new to the class

Elemental specific guides:

[WotLK] Elemental Shaman DPS – Beginners Guide

Elemental Shaman Guide
A guide to stats, pve and pvp for an elemental shaman

Enhancement specific guides:
Shamulator: DPS Simulator for Enh Shammies
An introduction to the "Shamulator": a DPS simulator/calculator for enhancement-spec shaman

Enhancement guide: How to max your dps-output
A guide to help you improve your dps as an enhancement shaman

TBC Enhancement Shaman FAQ
Here are some easy numbers to convince your raid leader that enhancement shamans are worthy additions to melee groups.

Restoration specific guides:
Resto Shaman Healing Guide
A restoration shaman is not easy to play, but it can be interesting, challenging and fun.


Pre-Kara: 10k mana, 1400 +healing & 100 mp5
A selection of good armour pieces for every slot

Elemental Gear, Pre Kara +spelldmg / +spellcr
Inspired by the thread linked above, this one is aimed at Elemental Shamans.

Shaman Elemental Gear for Raiders II
A helpful guide to elemental gear; does exactly what it says on the tin.


Discussion about DW hasterating, sweetspots
A thread to discuss the speedincreases and the sweetspots for effective combatspeed for slow weapons once the avarage and max speedincreases are applied

Downranking healing spells
This list can help you figure out what ranks benefits you most.

+Damage and Healing Bonus %
Information on the various bonuses from +damage/heal Shaman receive on their spells.

Macros and Add-ons:

Shaman Macros
A list of good and useful Shaman Macros

The official shaman UI.2
A collection of screenshots showing off Shaman User Interfaces


The shaman Video thread
A compilation of all the Shaman Videos worth wacthing, both old and new

Shaman tricks (Did you know that...)
The point of the thread is to share knowledge about shamans with others, meaning things that are less commonly known

More Shaman tricks
A continuation and compilation of the above thread.

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#1 - 2009/04/22 02:04:09 PM
With the launch of 3.1 and the class mechanics receiving a large overhaul, many of the guides we have had listed are now outdated. We’ve opened up a new sticky, linked below, which will catalogue all guides and places of interest for the most up to date version of World of Warcraft.

If fancy your hand at drawing up some up-to-date Shaman guides, or have seen one within the forum which is worthy of a mention, then be sure to bring it to our attention by reporting it for ‘Sticky Request’ using the Biohazard symbol on the post in question.