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#0 - 2007/07/31 06:48:17 PM
This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads for the Warlock community.

If there are any threads that should be added or removed from this list, please report them using the red bio-hazard symbol that can be found next to the thread's subject title (Reason: Sticky Request)

General information:

Warlock IRC
If you want to talk about talents, some huge crits, that PvP movie you just saw, or anything else that might pop into your mind, join our IRC Channel and have a chat.

Warlock F.A.Q
A "reference guide" to those who have questions about the class

Warlock guides
A compilation of informative and very useful Warlock threads that were previously stickied.

The Warlocks Den
A website covering many aspects of the warlock class in great detail.

Class Guides:

Warlock Analysis...
Possibly the largest class guide ever written - a huge theorycrafting opus

Revised Warlock Talent Guide!
The notes and ratings in this guide are based on the opinions of the community

Warlock Arena Guide
A good guide well worth a read for anyone who likes PvP

Using the Succubus in Instances
properly handled, the Succubus can CC just as well as a Polymorph against Humanoids, but this ability on a warlock naturally requires a little more complex use and awaremess.

Tips to the n00b raider
A guide for new level 70 Warlocks preparing for their first raids

Tips to the n00b warlock: levelling & builds
Simple suggestions regarding levelling builds as well as alternatives once you hit level 70

Affliction specific guides:

<no threads added yet>

Demonology specific guides:
Raiding with Felguard (SSC-BT) / Itemization
An informative thread for Demonology Warlocks

Destruction specific guides:
Thinking of Speccing 0/21/40?
A thread meant to help those who need to decide which PvE spec is best with current gear


The Burning Crusade Lock Gear List
An informative guide providing a nice overview of good Warlock gear


Warlock DPS Calculator
A script to give Warlocks a fairly accurate picture of their DPS

Chance to Hit with Spells & Spell Hit Rating
A list of your chance to hit with spells and ways to improve it.

Macros and Add-ons:

Warlock Macros
A Useful thread for those who uses macros to optimize their gameplay


Demons enslaved in outland
Post here which demons you enslaved and which abilites you could use

Warlock PvP movie Archive
Many of the best and greatest Warlock PvP movies, all compiled into a single thread

The Tribulations of a Megalomaniac Warlock
The English translation of the very successful tale of the adventures of a megalomaniac warlock: Synapse

100 incredible Warlock tricks!!
This thread is for both old and new warlock players, and it is meant for giving tips and tricks to each other

A guide mostly for non-Warlcok: These are things that will break Fear.

Guide: Leotheras tanking
A detailed guide specifically on tanking in the Leotheras fight.

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#1 - 2009/04/22 05:54:06 PM
With the launch of 3.1 and the class mechanics receiving a large overhaul, many of the guides we have had listed are now outdated. We’ve opened up a new sticky, linked below, which will catalogue all guides and places of interest for the most up to date version of World of Warcraft.

If fancy your hand at drawing up some up-to-date Warlock guides, or have seen one within the forum which is worthy of a mention, then be sure to bring it to our attention by reporting it for ‘Sticky Request’ using the Biohazard symbol on the post in question.