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#0 - 2007/07/31 07:27:18 PM
This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads for the Warrior community.

If there are any threads that should be added or removed from this list, please report them using the red bio-hazard symbol that can be found next to the thread's subject title (Reason: Sticky Request)

General information:

Warrior IRC
If you want to talk about talents, some huge crits, that PvP movie you just saw, or anything else that might pop into your mind, join our IRC Channel and have a chat.

100 useful warrior tips
A wealth of cunning Warrior tips and tricks to give you the edge

Class Guides:

Warrior talents - A guide
A guide for warriors who are not confident in their knowledge of the various talents

Warrior levelling (all specs) and racial guide
This guide can be used for getting help on Grinding, Speccing and Choosing the race of your Warrior

Ultimate Guide for PvP Warriors
A guide for making a PvP Warrior

BC levelling
Some tips, specs and answers

Arena Guide, A help to warriors.
A thread made with the purpose of helping Warriors in arenas, specifically in 5v5

Guide to Slam
When, how, and why to use Slam.

Warrior & Druid Guide to Tanking Mechanics
Here you will find details of all the game mechanics that you should be worried about when you are tanking.

Arms specific guides:

<no threads added yet>

Fury specific guides:

PvE DPS-Warrior For Dummies (Fury) v1.1

Protection specific guides:
Warrior Tanking Guide - PROT DPS SECTION ADDED
A useful little guide on tanking that might even be useful for those ubermcwopperbackslashflex tanks

WotLK Prot Warrior guide
This guide is written from a lvl 80 starting raids point of view


Comprehensive guide to warrior gear
This guide is intended to outline a comprehensive guide to warrior related gear that is to be attained from questing, faction rewards, pre-raid tanking and pvp-orientated gear

Warrior Enchants!
A nice little guide to enchant requirements in an easy-to-read table.


Devastate performance analysis
Due to the misleading tooltip of devastate, there’s been some discussion as to the worth of this ability in tanking, how it compares to sunder & heroic strike, whether fast or slow weapons benefit more from it

Threat & Warrior Tanking Guide
This is a guide for everyone that's interested in tanking and general mechanisms/formulae that apply to tanking

Tanking: Formulas and Mechanics
A compilation of data about formulas and mechanics connected to tanking

Hit Rating Theorycraft
An attempt to clarify things about HIT

Macros and Add-ons:

Warrior Macro Compilation
A list of various and useful Macros for Warriors


Things Warriors Want Non-Warriors to Know
A Warrior guide primarily aimed at non-Warriors

The Warrior Video Thread
A compilation of great Warrior videos

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#1 - 2009/04/22 06:29:51 PM
With the launch of 3.1 and the class mechanics receiving a large overhaul, many of the guides we have had listed are now outdated. We’ve opened up a new sticky, linked below, which will catalogue all guides and places of interest for the most up to date version of World of Warcraft.

If fancy your hand at drawing up some up-to-date Warrior guides, or have seen one within the forum which is worthy of a mention, then be sure to bring it to our attention by reporting it for ‘Sticky Request’ using the Biohazard symbol on the post in question.