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#0 - 2007/08/02 02:35:28 PM
This topic is to post the minimum gear for raiding and where to get it.
Hopefully this will become a solid list with multiple options per slot so anyone can see if they are lacking and where to get upgrades.

NOTE: PvP gear isnt optimal and I wouldnt get more then 1-2 pieces.
Same goes for Leather gear as that usually misses out on int and Mp5.

NOTE: all gear in this list is obtainable pre raid and mostly pre heroic.
gear marked as *H* is from heroic instances.

This gearlist contains gear that is relatively easy to get and gets you ready for Karazhan.

[url=;witem=28181]Earthwarden's coif[/url] Steamvaults quest
[url=;witem=28275]Beast Lord helm[/url] mech, pathaleon.
[url=;witem=28807]High Warlord's Chain Helm[/url] PvP helm.
[url=;witem=28192]Helm of Desolation[/url] Aeonus, Black morass.
[url=;source=live]Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight[/url] SMV quest [url=]Alliance start of questline[/url], [url=]Horde start[/url]
[url=]Dream-Wing Helm[/url] Shadow Labyrinth first boss
[url=;witem=25683]Stylin' Crimson hat[/url] Leatherworker

[url=;witem=28182]Helm of the Claw[/url] [url=]This quest[/url]
[url=;witem=28224]Wastewalker Helm[/url] Epoch Hunter Heroic Drunholde.
[url=;witem=28224]Stylin' Jungle Hat[/url] load of offstats, but still some nice stats.

enchant: glyph of ferocity, 90g CE revered.

[url=;witem=28343]jagged berk pendant[/url] botanica, warp splinter.
[url=;witem=32508]necklace of the deep[/url] jewelcrafter.
[url=;source=live]Natasha's Choker[/url], [url=]this quest[/url]

[url=;witem=28617]Grand Marshal's Chain Spaulders[/url], PvP shoulders
[url=;witem=28306]Towering Mantle of the Hunt[/url] botanica, sarranis
[url=;witem=27801]Beast Lord Mantle[/url] Steamvualts, kalithresh
*H* [url=;witem=27713]Pauldrons of Desolation[/url] Quagmirran, Slave pens heroic

*H* [url=;witem=27797]Wastewalker Shoulderpads[/url] Avatar of the Martyred, Auchenai Crypts heroic.


[url=;witem=27423]Cloak of Impulsiveness[/url] Durnholde, first boss.
[url=;witem=27519]Cloak of malice[/url] Shattered halls first boss

enchant:+12 agility

[url=;witem=28186]Laughing Skull Battle-Harness[/url] 2nd boss BM
[url=;witem=28401]Hauberk of Desolation[/url] epoch hunter, durnholde heroic.
[url=;witem=28228]Beast Lord Cuirass[/url] warp splinter, botanica
[url=;witem=31286]Breastplate of rapid striking[/url]world drop
[url=;witem=25696]Felstalker breastplate[/url] leatherworker
[url=;witem=28613]Grand Marshal's Chain Armor[/url] PvP Chest.
[url=;witem=30835]Salvagers haberk[/url] lower city rep.

*H* [url=;witem=28264]Wastewalker tunic[/url] Keli'dan the breaker Blood furnace heroic.

enchants: +6 all stats, +6mp5, +150hp, +150mp

[url=;witem=28170]Auchenai bracers[/url] [url=;wquest=10091]this quest[/url]
[url=;witem=25697]Felstalker bracers[/url] leatherworker

[url=;witem=28171]Spymistress's Wristguards[/url] [url=;wquest=10091]This Quest[/url]

enchant: +24 ap

[url=;witem=30951]Ar'tor's mainstay[/url], [url=]this quest[/url]
[url=]Gauntlets of the Redeemed Vindicator[/url], [url=]Aldor quest[/url]
[url=;witem=28614]Grand Marshal's Chain Gauntlets[/url] PvP Gloves
[url=;witem=27474]Beast Lord Handguards[/url] Shattered Halls, kargath
[url=;witem=27528]Gauntlets of Desolation[/url] Shattered Halls, kargath

[url=;witem=28396]Gloves of the Unbound[/url] Soccothrathes, Arcatraz
[url=;witem=27531]Wastewalker gloves[/url] Kargath Bladefist, Shattered halls.
[url=;witem=25685]Fel Leather Gloves[/url] leatherworker

enchants: +15 agi, assault.

[url=;witem=29319]Tarren Mill Defender's Cinch[/url], [url=]this quest[/url]
[url=;witem=25789]Rune-Engraved Belt[/url], [url=]this quest[/url]
[url=;witem=31462]Shattrath's Champion Belt[/url], [url=]this quest[/url]
[url=;witem=27521]telaari hunting girdle[/url] shattered, nethekurse
[url=;witem=27646]Marksman's Belt[/url] Nagrand PvP belt.
[url=;witem=31293]Girdle of Gale Force[/url] world drop.
[url=;witem=25695]Felstalker Belt[/url] leatherworker
[url=;source=live]Blessed Scale Girdle[/url] Sha'tar revered rep.

*H* [url=;witem=27760]Dunewind Sash[/url] Gahz 'Ahn, Underbog heroic.
*H* [url=;witem=28124]Liar's Cord[/url] Rokmar the crackler, Slave Pens Heroic.

[url=;witem=30948]Sunfury legguards[/url], [url=]this quest[/url]
[url=;witem=27874]Beast Lord leggings[/url] Steamvaults, Kalithresh
[url=;witem=27936]Greaves of desolation[/url] Sethekk, Ikiss
[url=;witem=27430]Scaled Greaves of Patience[/url] Durnholde, Scarloc
[url=;witem=31240]Scales of the beast[/url] World drop
*H* [url=;source=live]Barbaric Legstraps[/url] the Black Stalker, Heroic Underbog.

[url=;witem=25687]Fel Leather Leggings[/url] Leatherworker.
*H* [url=;witem=27514]Leggings of the unrependant[/url] Blood furnace, Heroic.
*H* [url=;witem=27837]Wastewalker Leggings[/url] Shaffar, Mana tombs heroic.
*H* [url=;witem=27545]Mennu's Scaled leggings[/url] Mennu, Slave pens heroic.

enchants: clefthoof or cobra armor kit.

[url=;witem=28384]Outland striders[/url] Arcatraz, sereketh
[url=;witem=27915]Sky-Hunter Swift Boots[/url] sethekk halls, Syth

[url=;witem=28178]Spymistress Boot's[/url], [url=;wquest=10095]this quest[/url]
[url=;witem=28339]Boots of the Shifting sands[/url] Laj, botanica
[url=;witem=25686]Fel Leather Boots[/url] leatherworker

enchant: +12 agi

[url=]Naliko's revenge[/url], [url=]Alliance quest[/url]
[url=]Kaylaan's Signet[/url], [url=]Aldor Quest[/url]
[url=]Band of anguish[/url], [url=

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#2 - 2007/08/02 04:36:44 PM
A great idea to make a list like this. I am sure many players will find this useful so I have added it to the Informative and useful Hunter threads sticky: