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#0 - 2007/08/19 03:58:36 AM
which quests should i do daily to get this reputation up to honored to get a better wand.

Well i like the skettis quests alot for example.. only need to spend 5min for 700 rep and 26g.

Any recomendations, i tryed to 2 quests so far which seemed like alot of time spent for the reputiation.
The netherwing crystals x40 and some killing flying guys for 10 crystals awful droprate on both imo.

I wanna do this over 2 weeks, any way to scheldue for ~500 rep / day without haveing to spend to much time on it (30 min max)?

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#4 - 2007/08/24 03:52:40 PM
We have some general tips on gaining Netherwing faction on our website now:

Although I suppose for the level of detail you are looking for you may have better luck with one of the more detailed guides that players have created on fansites.