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#0 - 2007/08/27 02:40:30 PM
When I spec retri there are a few talents I rarely (read: never) take. This is due to my opinion that they are fairly useless or there are much better alternatives.

These are : Pursuit of Justice, Improved Retribution Aura, Vindication, Deflection and Eye for an Eye.

Now the last three talents I mentioned seem to be more popular than the first two, and some people have good arguments towards taking them/defending their position in the ret tree, so I'm not bothered if people want to post "Vindication/Deflection/E4E is good because...".

The point in this thread is, what do you think would be a good substitute for these talents, keeping in mind their position in the Ret tree, what paladins currently need and their correlation with other trees (depending on their tier).

Deflection : Tier 2
Vindication : Tier 3
Pursuit of Justice : Tier 3
Eye for an Eye : Tier 4
Improved Retribution Aura : Tier 4

All constructive comments welcome,


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#1 - 2007/08/27 02:45:10 PM
We already posted a post to collect this feedback. And we're collecting it from each class forum :)