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#1 - 2011/02/21 10:08:31 AM
i played a twin peaks battle and there were FIVE obvious bots on horde side. We lost the battle so alliance must have had some too ._. Didn't pay that much attention to alliance, but there were only one who responded to me in chat.

Has cataclysm become so boring that people actually pay for a game they wont play? Or what the hell is going on here?

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#7 - 2011/02/21 11:07:51 PM
Greetings Gnoam,

Obviously I understand that you’re not able to make use of the ‘Report AFK’ feature on members of the opposing team, but you can certainly do it if you feel that members of your own faction aren’t participating properly in the battleground – this will contribute to them both being flagged up with the AFK debuff in-game (to hopefully encourage them to play properly, if it perhaps was a genuine player) and will pass the details on to us.

Additionally, if you feel strongly enough, you’re welcome to submit an in-game petition containing the names and realms of the players you believe to have been botting or making use of third-party software. Our in-game support team will then be able to investigate the names mentioned and take the appropriate action. :)

We certainly don’t appreciate this kind of behaviour any more than you do, and are continually trying to ensure that those engaging in these practices don’t go unnoticed.