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#0 - 2007/09/10 02:56:19 PM
This list was made to help those that are in need of gaining reputation with the various factions in outlands. There may be some mistakes made due me writing this as i've levelled and rep grinded.

*****Thrallmar / Honor Hold*****

These are the first factions you come into contact with upon stepping through The Dark Portal. and consist of horde/alliance, Doing quests for either faction easily brings you to Honored with them, then try the following:

Hellfire Citadel, Ramparts and Blood Furnace: to Honored
Hellfire Citadel, Shattered Halls: to Exalted
Hellfire Citadel, any Heroic: to Exalted
Fel Orc mobs in Hellfire Peninsula: to Friendly

-----Turnins/Repeatable Quests-----
Hellfire Fortifications (Daily) - 250 rep to Exalted

*****Cenarion Expedition*****

These druids from the Cenarion Circle have split off from the main organization, and have quest givers at Veil Reskk in Blade's Edge and Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh.

Coilfang Reservoir, Slave Pens and Underbog: to Honored
Coilfang Reservoir, Steam Vaults: to Exalted
Coilfang Reservoir, any Heroic: to Exalted

10x Unidentified Plant Parts from any mob in Zangarmarsh: 250 rep per turnin to Honored
1x Uncatalogued Species (occasionally gotten from the above turnin): 500 rep per turnin to Exalted
1x Coilfang Armament (Steamvaults trash drop): 75 rep per turnin to Exalted (250 first turnin)


Mushroom men in Zangarmarsh. You start at Unfriendly and can reach neutral rather early on either by grinding Bog Lords or by doing the quests in the Spawning Glen of SE Zangarmarsh. At various repuation levels, they'll have quests for different locations, including a couple of Underbog quests with rewards.

Any Bog Giant: to Honored
Any Bog Strider: to Revered

Turn in 10 Pods from the Spawning Glen: 750 (I think) rep to Friendly
Turn in 10 Bog Lord Tendrils from any Bog Lord: 750 (I think) rep to Friendly
Turn in 10 Glowcap (gathered directly throughout the zone): 750 to Friendly
Turn in 10 Sanguine Hibiscus from the Underbog:750 rep to Exalted
Now that we're friends... (Naga-killing RRQ): 750 rep to Exalted
Turn in 10 Fertile Spores from various Zangarmarsh mobs: 750 rep to Exalted

*****The Scryers/The Aldor*****

These two factions are in conflict and both located in Shattrath City. They start Neutral to everyone, and each player must make their own choice with which to align themselves with via a quest from Khadgar in the Terrace of Light. Each has a their own bank and raised section on the city with specific rewards, and special 'enchants'. Note that any gain of reputation with one faction will reduce the other.


Turn in 10 Marks of Kil'jaeden [Aldor] or 10 Firewing Signets [Scryer]: 250 rep to Honored
Turn in 1 Mark of Kil'jaeden [Aldor] or 1 Firewing Signet [Scryer]: 25 rep to Honored
Turn in 10 Marks of Sargeras [Aldor] or 10 Sunfury Signets [Scryer]: 250 rep to Exalted
Turn in 1 Mark of Sargeras [Aldor] or 1 Sunfury Signet [Scryer]: 25 rep to Exalted
Turn in 1 Fel Armament [Aldor] or 1 Arcane Tome [Scryer]: 350 rep to Exalted, see below

Marks of Kil'jaeden and Sargeras come from Burning Legion members of all types, wtih Fel Armaments a rare drop from the same. Firewing Signets and Sunfury Signets drop from Blood Elves in Outland, with Arcane Tomes a rare drop from them. The Armament and Tome turnins give Holy Dust/Arcane Runes which are turned in for ienchants at the factions' respective banks.

*****Lower City*****

Refugees in Shattrath, some quests from them can be found in the lower city itself.

Auchindoun, Sethekk Halls: to Honored
Auchindoun, Auchenai Crypts: to Honored
Auchindoun, Shadow Labs: to Exalted
Auchindoun, Heroic: to Exalted

30x Arakkoa Feather: 250 rep to Honored

*****The Sha'tar*****

The Naaru of Shattrath, not a significant faction until Level 70.

Any Tempest Keep instance, heroic or not: to Exalted


These factions of Orcs and Broken, respectively, are uncorrupted survivors of Draenor's past. The Mag'har start unfriendly to horde and hostile to the alliance (nothing the Alliance can ever do to get in with them), and the Kurenai start unfriendly to the alliance and hostile to the horde (again, no way for the Horde to get in with them). You reach Neutral through an introductory quest in Hellfire for the Mag'har (The Assassin chain), and in Zangamarsh for the Kurenai (from Telredor sending you to the Orebar Harborage). Their primary quest hubs are, respectively, Garadar and Telaar in Nagrand.

Any Ogre in Nagrand: 10 rep per kill to Exalted

10x Obsidian Warbeads from any Ogre: 500 rep to Exalted

*****The Consortium*****

Ethereal smugglers. They have a small base at Aeris Landing in Nagrand, with a primary quest giving area at The Stormspire in Netherstorm.

Auchindoun, Mana Tombs: to Honored
Auchindoun, Mana Tombs Heroic: to Exalted

10x Oshu'gun Crystal Fragments (gathered near Oshu'gun): 250 rep to Friendly
10x Obsidian Warbeads (common drop from all Nagrand ogres): 250 rep to Exalted
10x Zaxxis Insignia (Zaxxis ethereals in Netherstorm): 250 rep to Exalted

*****Keepers of Time*****

Caverns of Time faction of Bronze Dragons. [A lot of] Bonus rep for first
completions of Durnholde and the Black Morass.

All caverns of time instances: to Exalted


Spawn of Deathwing but nicer.

None known.

Daily quests for the Netherwing open up once Neutral with 300 riding skill. Netherwing eggs is the only non-daily repeatable. All quests can be done till exalted.

1 Netherwing Egg (gathered from or found on mobs in Netherwing Ledge: 250 rep to Exalted
40 Netherdust Pollen: 250 rep, start: Neutral
40 Nethercite Ore: 250 rep, start: Neutral
35 Nethermine Flayer Hides: 250 rep, start: Neutral
Poison fel orc peons: 250 rep, start: Neutral
10 Netherwing Relics: 250 rep, start: Neutral
15 Nethermine Cargo: 350 rep, start: Friendly
Kill Nethermine Flayers/Ravagers: 350 rep, start Friendly
Discipline fel orc peons: 350 rep, start Friendly
Kill 20 Twilight Ridge mobs: 500 rep, start Honored
Defend the Aldor/Scryers: 500 rep, start Revered

*****The Violet Eye*****

A sect of the Kirin Tor set to watch over Medivh, Karazhan's faction. They also start the Karazhan attunement line and the chain to summon Nightbane just outside the tower.

Any kill in Karazhan: to Exalted.

*****The Scale Of The Sands*****

The Brood of Nozdormu of Burning Crusade, oddly enough they
basically are, in fact, the Brood of Nozdormu - The Battle of Mount
Hyjal's faction.

Any kill in The Battle Of Mount Hyjal: to Exalted

*****Ashtongue Deathsworn*****

Akama's faction of Broken, with Akama himself located at the Warden's Cage just west of the Black Temple itself. Presumably, the Black Temple raid faction.

Any kill in the Black Temple: to Exalted

**Any additional info would be most welcome**

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A nice guide, this sort of information can be very useful to many players.

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