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#1 - 2011/02/18 04:58:13 PM
Anyone ever have this happen?
I've been unable to join any battleground on my 34 rogue for weeks, I'd enter queue and waiting time would be given as 4-10 mins or so, but after waiting one hour, 1.5 hours still no wsg would pop up. Every time. In the end I would quit trying because I cant spend all my time like this.

So I opened a ticket to discuss this problem, and the GM told me that there just were not that many players at my levelrange, that that was the problem. This seemed ridiculous to me since Ive been playing for about 2 years and never ever had this problem. He/she insisted though, telling me I should play pvp on my 85 since that was more fun. I told GM I dont want to do that and I should be able to pvp on my alts too. I explained this was not a player shortage issue but a technical one and he/she replied with "It's a conspiracy!!:D"..

I closed the chat and logged off. Seriously, I should play at 85? Thats the issue here? I cant decide myself what i should do in wow anymore? And I get mocked by the GM to boot?
This is unacceptable to me and might very well result in me not renewing my subscription. Ive talked to GMs before and was never treated like this.

Was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience.

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#118 - 2011/02/20 10:18:32 PM
Greetings Zoxx,

Leaving aside much of the other discussion that has gone on in this thread, Iím very sorry to hear that you perhaps didnít have such a great service experience with your most recent ticket. Iíve read through the conversation in question and I also believe that the representative in question was likely trying to lighten the mood, but obviously Iím sure their aim would never have been to mock you or your genuine concerns regarding the situation.

The email address has been mentioned earlier in the topic, and I would definitely urge you to take some time to compose a mail stating both your feelings about the in-game interaction and your concerns about the battleground queue issue.

This feedback address is there for precisely this Ė to provide us with your thoughts, good or bad, on how weíre doing with the service we provide, or to express dissatisfaction if you feel a query or case should have been further investigated and, although a response may take a little longer when contacting through this particular means (as each case is individually looked at by a member of the Senior management team), youíll always receive an email reply directly from the Senior who has checked into the situation.