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#0 - 2007/09/22 06:28:32 AM
I searched though the forum and think we're lacking this kind of post to discuss and give solid build for new rogues for their talents.

I'll just copy what i write in my guild rogue section to here and start to edit/comment them one by one.

In addition, i'm not pro rogue but i have at least a lot of experience as TBC rogue. Positive comments, and more alternative builds are welcome. Particularly dagger build since i dont have that much experience over there.

Lving Progress:
Spend couple points in Imp Sinister strike first, then fill up assasination tree for Malice, Ruthlessness, Relentless strike. After that leave lethality in meanwhile and fill combat tree all way down, At 60 your talent should look like this, (You can go all way combat first if you want but for me i think addition crit and combo points from assassination tree help)
Then at 70 you have several possibility listing below,

Pure PvE (Focus mainly and purely on DPS)
Main Talent (that cant miss):
DW spec, Combat Potency, Imp SnD, Sword Spec, Malice, Relentless Strike,Ruthlessness,Imp Sprint
Combat Sword (Best for PvE)
Combat Mace
Combat Fist
Combat Dagger
**These combat builds using SnD/Rupture/Envinom routine, ignore Eviscerate. If you are in Karazhan lv, and feel that Eviscerate is needed, then change Vile Poison to Imp Eviscerate.
Raid Hemo with Sword
Raid Hemo with Mace

PvP (Focus purely on PvP, arena-like)
Main Talent (that cant be miss):
DW spec, Imp Sprint, Adrenaline Rush, Mace Spec, Malice, Imp Kick
Popular Double AR Combat Mace Hemo
Prep AR Combat Mace No Hemo
Prep AR Combat Mace Hemo with Deadliness 0/31/30
Combat Mace with Riposte and 2 MoD
Mutilate 2.3 Fleet Foot
BG Ganging with Subtle and Shadowstep!

Grinding (Focus sololy on grinding normal mobs)
Combat Sword w Riposte

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#18 - 2007/09/25 08:14:11 PM
Nice work, I have added this to the Informative and useful Rogue threads sticky:

As this is for new rogues I'd be interested in seeing how a rogue should spec while levelling, I assume you'd recommend the Grinding spec as a levelling spec, but it might be a nice idea to give an indication of what talents to go for first.