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#1 - 2011/02/16 12:22:04 PM
Hi all fellow warriors!

Yesterday when i was doing arena (2v2) for the first time in patch 4.0.6 without intercept. Our first setup we met was a frost mage/lock and what i noticed still after a very long time since late TBC but most of the players noticed it in at the beginning of wotlk about warriors charge ability. Charge don't land where it should when the opponent jumps!
At a moment i charged this mage after he was using blink and with talent, they get a 70% speed buff for 2-3 sec or something but this mage was also all the time running around spamming jump when i charged him, i always land about 10-15 fu**ing feet away. How am i supposed to even slow him down when i'm pretty much slowed myself all the time.My partner is a paladin, he gave me often Hand of Freedom, mage just spellsteal whatsoever, yay! When i almost took this mage down at 38k hp down from 112k. He kite around, wait for my partner to use hand of freedom on me again, then he spellsteal it. Frost nova me, blink and run around a pillar and use evocation that heals him to 70k+, GG!

Come on FFS Blizzard, you've nerfed arms warriors, but buffed Fury...a week later nerfed again and we have only 1 charge to go with but still a Charge that doesn't even work properly after so long time. Second of all to add, i don't want to read on this thread peoples reply with; "Warriors have heroic leap!" Heroic Leap is not reliable in some terrain, it won't work at all.

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#9 - 2011/02/17 04:17:30 PM
Please don't post titles in capitals.