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#0 - 2007/09/27 12:21:49 PM
This topic idea was taken from the mage forums(and they took it from the warlock forums).
I know that there will probably be less tricks than for mages/locks but useful nevertheless.

So I'll start with:

#1: [PvP Shadow]: When running after someone spam rank 1 Shadow Word: Pain on them, that will cause them to Blackout and you got 4 seconds to catch them up(and maybe fear).

#2: [PvP]: When using your Shadowfiend to recharge mana in BG's and especially Arenas try to put him attack a class that doesn't have any shield(mages, priests, paladins, even warlocks for Shadow Ward and rogues because they can CoS), this way you be sure that all landing hits of your pet will do damage and recharge your mana and won't be absorbed.

#3: [PvP]: When using the Shadowfiend to regain mana in PvP never use fear on the target, the pet will have less speed and precious seconds from his life-time duration will be wasted without him hitting the target, alternatively use Mind Flay on the target for the slow effect.

#4: [PvP]: Always use Shadow Word: Pain first on an incoming warrior, this way you'll get him in combat reducing his ability to charge you, so more time until he comes to you + doesn't generate rage.

#5: [PvP healing]: When you heal a warrior be sure to dispel all the warrior's target which has the ability to use physical absorbing shields, this will help your fellow warrior a lot since he doesn't do any rage when hitting shields.

I know many of these tricks are very basic but I bet there are a lot of tricks out there which we don't think about and might be very useful to us. An we should always think about newbie priests in search of tips&tricks don't we?

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#31 - 2007/10/02 10:30:34 AM
Well it just goes to show that priests are useful for something other than healing ;)

Adding this to the compilation sticky for easy future reference:

Keep 'em coming!