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#0 - 2007/10/02 07:04:33 PM
Just cancelled.

In the cancellatin screen, it asks why. You can choose Patch 2.2 voice chat as the reason for cancellation.

I hope some devs get fired over this.

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#30 - 2007/10/02 07:39:54 PM
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I don't have a problem with them adding voice chat. and I have no intentions of canceling my account. But I have to say I really hate this patch myself. Ever since it came out, I lag during fights all the damn time. I mean, it's pretty funny, I can run around in if and shat casting instants with no delay. But somehow, just when a battle happens, my screen is guaranteed to totally freeze up multiple times for like 4 second delays. it really sucks.

I've done some tech support reading and the most likely explanation is patch 2.2 has problems with people who have a soundblaster audigy 2 soundcard, and will make the performace nosedive. Yet even when I disable my sound, I still get these big frozen frame chugfests during combat. It's really effing annoying.

I also can't do the simon says game in blades edge mountains sometimes, you know the one where you click the colored orb thingies in the right order? They have a bad habit of lighting up at the same time (like during the phase where 5 light up in order, I'll just get a big pause then BOOM, 5 lights spew at the same time and I have no way of telling which is first, second, etc).

My computer isn't exactly a top of the line powerhouse, and I can appreciate taking a performace hit with some new features sure. But it was still capable enough of running everything on hi settings at 1280X1024 with decent frame rate. But now when I stick everything on low I STILL get big frame freezes.

Now some people suspect that the voice chat feature is the cause of problems like I have, so for that reason some people may very well have a valid reason to call it quits. As a guild MT (this isn't my main, this is my dps warrior alt lol), It's really scary freezing up like this during movement intensive fights. My aggro really sucks too when I get a freeze just as we pull, I will have to step down for some encounters until this problem gets fixed.

We've identified some performance bottlenecks in Patch 2.2.0 that are non hardware specific (Windows, Mac, integrated sound, discrete sound, doesn't matter). Please keep your eye out for an upcoming PTR cycle, where you can try the next update, targeted at addressing many of the in-game lag issues that you are describing.