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#0 - 2007/10/02 02:16:57 PM
update (2007-10-16).

i've noticed, that since running this simple, 1hour work rss system, there are about 300 people using it every day, giving total of 26505 requests for last two weeks (30% of them are from finland btw).

not so much, but gave a little motivation.

so rss will be little better:
- feed for main page news
- tagging blues in rss titles
- chosing between 2 views: "show only new topics" and "track also replies"
- conditions in feed search, ie "ignore posts with 'nerf' in subject" etc.
- more friendly page

later on:
- post preview in feed
- thread rss.

Original post:

first of all - i'm web developer. Ok, i'm good one ;)

to the point.
What lacks here is RSS support - at least for me.
If u don't know what rss is, read this ->

So i did RSS support for forums. It's not very good, it can't print post dates, yet it can deliver rss feed from every single forum.

if u like the idea - test it and use it. it's not "fancy and beautifull" tho.

the link is: -> someone please post here that it's not any keylogger (cause it's not!).

any suggestions or bugs or info u can post on my email address at or just mail ingame (please don't whisp tho :D)

hope i won't be flamed for that -> no spam, no commercials, no login req or anything. just pure use :p


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#1 - 2007/10/02 02:24:22 PM
Cool! Very nifty :)
Can you add options for just Blue posts?

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#4 - 2007/10/02 02:29:20 PM
Q u o t e:
ffs fikser

For Fiskerdin's sake? Was thinking more along the lines of "for everyone's"..