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#0 - 2007/10/06 02:59:25 PM
**** UPDATE ****

Since I made this a day or 2 before 2.3 went on test, I didn't know that my idea here was going to get implemented. ^^

Tough for the peeps that don't know what i'm talking about, here are some (or all) features of the minimap in 2.3 explained:

-The button that comes up to show what gather-spell you are using is changed and is made clickable. When you click it you can chose between various things to track. (Inclusive Treasure for Dwarfs racial and offcourse the gather-spells you have learnd) New is offcourse the possibility to track ammunition vendors, wingmasters, food/drink vendors, repairguys, battlemasters, trainers, innkeepers and prolly a few other handy thingies. They show up as yellow dots as soon as they are in range while being tracked.

-Now the minimap also shows questgivers when they come in range. A '!' will show up on top of every questgiver in range and a '?' will show up if you can deliver your quest to him/her. Also a blue '?' shows up for repeatable quests, as well as the new blue '!' for daily questgivers.


The title says it all! :) In all new MMO's (Tabula Rasa, Lord of the Rings Online) You can see questgivers on your minimap. (In LotR:O) Or even on your normal map! (TR)

Why stays World of Warcraft behind? :) I can't tell how much quests I missed in a city just because I didn't know that there was an old lady asking for help in house number 108! And besides, I can do that once, check all houses, but I don't do that every 10 lvl's to be sure I didn't missed one!

Sometimes in some parts of Azeroth/Outland there are some questgivers 'hiden', it would be way easier and less frustrating if you could see them on your minimap.


Well, you have yellow dots for the persons you need to deliver a quest to, why not make a blue dot for questgivers? Or make an icon appear on your map if there are still questgivers in that region. (Non-grey quests)

Why not?

There are people who like to explore the regions and the vast landmass to 'uncover' hiden questgivers. This feature can add some more motivation to this, for that you would rather go looking for a quest when it's sure that there IS one! Now most people just take quests if they pass by, I don't know many players who go actively exploring all corners of a region for missed questgivers. :)

No, yes? :D

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#9 - 2007/10/12 02:54:32 PM
There's an addon that can do this called cartographer (atleast it can track quest givers you've been to before).

I think that showing too many things on the minimap would get very cluttered, just ask a hunter or druid what track humanoids is like.

Also, like Neura said, finding quests is part of the fun. Escort quests for example would suffer if you could immediately see that there was a guy in that cave offering a quest - part of the charm of those is an unexpected bonus in an area you were already questing / grinding.

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#11 - 2007/10/12 03:40:31 PM
Hehe, oops, you're right Anchorbiter :-P

I hadn't noticed that on the PTR. Well, I stand by my opinion, but it does look like a nice implementation.

I'll have to give the PTR a try tonight.