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This article was made to investigate the usefulness of the items crafted by the Engineering profession.

Let it be no secret...
I have only limited experience with Engineering, which is why I am posting this in the first place, as I hope to start a discussion that can provide valuable insight into the usefulness of this profession.

Crafted items
The items created by any WOW crafting profession can be divided into four categories:

- ingredients
- leveling items
- trade goods
- useful items

Even though this article aims to investigate the last of these categories, I will start out explaining how the others fit in.

Ingredients are items which are useful only as an ingredient, when you later on are crafting another item.

Most crafting professions have a small amount of ingredient recipes.
Engineering however has alot of ingredients, which without carefull planning might end up having you spend extra gold on bag slots in the bank.

This article does not intend to elaborate over ingredients but for the sake of completeness I list them below:

1 Rough Blasting Powder
30 Handful of Copper Bolts
50 Arclight Spanner
50 Copper Tube
65 Copper Modulator
75 Coarse Blasting Powder
90 Silver Contact
105 Bronze Tube
125 Whirring Bronze Gizmo
125 Heavy Blasting Powder
145 Bronze Framework
150 Gold Power Core
160 Iron Strut
170 Gyrochronatom
175 Solid Blasting Powder
175 Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor
195 Mithril Tube
200 Unstable Trigger
215 Mithril Casing
250 Dense Blasting Powder
260 Truesilver Transformer
260 Thorium Widget
275 Powerful Seaforium Charge
275 Fused Wiring
275 Thorium Tube
285 Delicate Arcanite Converter
300 Elemental Blasting Powder
300 Fel Iron Casing
300 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
325 Adamantite Frame
335 Icy Blasting Primers
350 Hardened Adamantite Tube
350 Khorium Power Core
350 Felsteel Stabilizer

Trade goods
Trade goods are items that are needed by other professions and have no use by the profession of which they are crafted.

These items are only there for you to trade to other players.

As this article are not about making Engineering profitable, I will not go into which Engineering items are used by other professions, but for the sake of completeness I will list the trade goods craftable by Engineers:

205 Inlaid Mithril Cylinder Plans
205 Goblin Rocket Fuel Recipe
250 Salt Shaker

Leveling items
Leveling a crafting profession often requires you to craft a bunch of stuff that you dont need.

Leveling items are items that are rarely used by players to anything else than getting skill-ups.

Useful items
Useful items are the items you are actually able to use and/or sell/giveaway for others to use.

These are the items that often made you pick the profession in the first place.

Most crafting professions have a small variety of usefull items. Tailoring provides bags and cloth armour, Alchemy provides pots and elixirs, but Engineering are special in that it provides a large amount of different sorts of usefull items.

This is the area I am trying to investigate in this article, the end goal being to provide a categorized overview of these items and hopefully get a discussion going based on peoples actual experiences.

The useful items crafted by Engineering can by grouped into the following main categories:

- Bombs
- Gadgets
- Goggles
- Guns
- Toys

As gatgets are where the real fun is, as well as an area of large variety, I will start by looking at the others first.

Bombs are disposable items that provides a single burst of AOE damage.
They all have a casting time and most of them stuns the targets for a short amount of time.
Most bombs also have a cooldown timer.

I personally consider bombs Leveling items as the cast time, moderate amount of damage and short duration of the stun, makes it hard to justify the bag slots they occupy.

I could however imagine them being useful for tanks, which by doing an AOE pull could have an easyer time establishing agro on a group of mobs.

I have included some bomb-like devices to the list, which are:
- Mortars, which have multible charges
- Mines, which are triggered by the enemy running over them
- Suicidal bombs, which also inflict damage on the caster (Goblin Sapper Charge, Gnomish Death Ray, Goblin Dragon Gun, Super Sapper Charge)
- Autonomous bombs, which triggers themselves (Goblin Bomb Dispenser, Gnomish Flame Turret)
- Reusable bombs (Goblin Rocket Launcher)

Bombs craftable by Engineers:
1 Rough Dynamite
30 Rough Copper Bomb
75 Coarse Dynamite
100 EZ-Thro Dynamite
105 Large Copper Bomb
120 Small Bronze Bomb
125 Heavy Dynamite
140 Big Bronze Bomb
165 Portable Bronze Mortar
175 Iron Grenade
175 Solid Dynamite
190 Big Iron Bomb
195 Goblin Land Mine
200 EZ-Thro Dynamite II
205 Goblin Sapper Charge
205 Goblin Mortar
215 Mithril Frag Bomb
230 Goblin Bomb Dispenser
235 Hi-Explosive Bomb
235 The Big One
240 Gnomish Death Ray
240 Goblin Dragon Gun
250 Dense Dynamite
260 Thorium Grenade
285 Dark Iron Bomb
300 Arcane Bomb
320 Fel Iron Bomb
325 The Bigger One
325 Gnomish Flame Turret
335 Adamantite Grenade
340 Super Sapper Charge
345 Frost Grenades
350 Goblin Rocket Launcher

Goggles are traditional head armour, useable only by Engineers.

Goggles craftable by Engineers:
100 [Cl] Flying Tiger Goggles
120 [Cl] Shadow Goggles
150 [Cl] Green Tinted Goggles
175 [Cl] Bright-Eye Goggles
185 [Cl] Craftsman's Monocle
205 [Cl] Fire Goggles
205 [Ma] Goblin Mining Helmet
205 [Cl] Goblin Construction Helmet
210 [Cl] Gnomish Goggles
220 [Cl] Catseye Ultra Goggles
225 [Cl] Spellpower Goggles Xtreme
230 [Cl] Rose Colored Goggles
245 [Cl] Green Lens
270 [Cl] Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus
290 [Cl] Master Engineer's Goggles
300 [Cl] Bloodvine Goggles
300 [Cl] Bloodvine Lens
340 [Le] Cogspinner Goggles
340 [Cl] Power Amplification Goggles
350 [Cl] Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles
350 [Pl] Furious Gizmatic Goggles
350 [Pl] Justicebringer 2000 Specs
350 [Pl] Tankatronic Goggles
350 [Ma] Surestrike Goggles v2.0
350 [Ma] Gadgetstorm Goggles
350 [Ma] Living Replicator Specs
350 [Le] Deathblow X11 Goggles
350 [Le] Wonderheal XT40 Shades
350 [Le] Magnified Moon Specs
350 [Cl] Destruction Holo-gogs
350 [Cl] Powerheal 4000 Lens
360 [Le] Hyper-Vision Goggles
375 [Cl] Foreman's Enchanted Helmet
375 [Ma] Foreman's Reinforced Helmet
375 [Cl] Gnomish Power Goggles
375 [Le] Gnomish Battle Goggles

Engineers can craft a wide array of guns, scopes and ammunition, making it a popular profession for hunters.

Guns, scopes and ammunition craftable by Engineers:
1 Crafted Light Shot
50 Rough Boomstick
60 Crude Scope
75 Crafted Heavy Shot
105 Deadly Blunderbuss
110 Standard Scope
120 Lovingly Crafted Boomstick
125 Crafted Solid Shot
130 Silver-plated Shotgun
145 Moonsight Rifle
200 Accurate Scope
205 Mithril Blunderbuss
210 Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs
210 Deadly Scope
220 Mithril Heavy-bore Rifle
240 Sniper Scope
245 Mithril Gyro-Shot
260 Thorium Rifle
275 Dark Iron Rifle
285 Thorium Shells
300 Flawless Arcanite Rifle
300 Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope
300 Core Marksman Rifle
310 Fel Iron Shells
330 Fel Iron Musket
335 Adamantite Shells
335 Adamantite Scope
350 Adamantite Rifle
360 Felsteel Boomstick
360 Khorium Scope
375 Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer
375 Ornate Khorium Rifle
375 Stabilized Eternium Scope

All professions have useless items, one of the great thing about Engineering however are that the useless items are either fun, flashy or both.

In the category of toys I have included Fireworks, Mechanical pets and Gizmos.

Even though some of the pets provide additional dps, I see them more as a toy than as an actual weapon.

Fireworks craftable by Engineers:
125 Small Blue/Green/Red Rocket
150 Red/Blue/Green Firework
175 Large Blue/Green/Red Rocket
225 Blue/Green/Red Rocket Cluster
225 Firework Launcher
250 Snake Burst Firework
275 Large Blue/Green/Red Rocket Cluster
275 Firework Cluster Launcher
335 White/Green/Purple Smoke Flare

Mechanical pets craftable by Engineers:
75 Mechanical Squirrel
150 Explosive Sheep
175 Compact Harvest Reaper Kit
205 Pet Bombling
205 Lil' Smoky
200 Mechanical Dragonling
230 Gnomish Battle Chicken
250 Mithril Mechanical Dragonling
265 Alarm-O-Bot
265 Lifelike Mechanical Toad
300 Arcanite Dragonling
300 Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
325 Crashin' Thrashin' Robot

Gizmos craftable by Engineers:
190 SnowMaster 9000
200 Mechanical Repair Kit
260 World Enlarger
275 Steam Tonk Controller

[07.10.2007] Changed googles to goggles.
  • Updated skill level for some items (Thanks Delicatesse)

  • Removed felsteel stabilizer from goggles. (Thanks Delicatesse)

  • Armour type added to goggles

  • Removed mobile alarm

  • Removed Explosive Arrow

  • Remove Red/Blue Smoke Flare

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    A nicely categorised list. Because of it's different approach I'd say this makes a nice companion to the other engineering guides, so I have added this to the Compilation of informative and useful threads: