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Hello, my name is Tatana I play a huntress on the shadowsong server, I dont really have amazing gear T4's mostly I raid serpentshrine cavern with my guild and we're currently focusing on lady vashj
I spend amazing hours perfecting my shots while noticing my suroundings and I think im doing a good job at it I hear alot of people on forums say this should be your shot rotation or that bm should be using steady shot, autoshot rotation
marksmanship uses auto, multi, steady, etc etc but quite francly its hard to imagine such things so I went to netherstorm and recorded my shot rotation I use this all the time
raid buffed my stats are somewhat close to
2800 ranged attack power
27% crit

Shot Rotation

my shot rotation looks like this
auto, steady, arcane, auto, steady, multi, auto, steady, arcane, auto, steady, auto, steady, arcane, auto, steady, multi rinse and repeat
beware, you can only do this when there isnt any CCed targets near you
weaving specials between your shots isnt easy, ofc it becomes so after doing so for a long time but its notwhere near as easy as
fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball, fireball you get my idea
having a good shot rotation worked out that you know by heart and know when things get off cooldown before they are about to get off cooldown is something you learn after a great deal of time;8733444;/fileinfo.html
mind you, I did no special editing
I also down-ranked my shots

raid setups:

raid setups are also quite important, being in a group with a spriest or shammie or feral druid works wonders when it comes to dps
alot of guilds have spriests put with warlocks or healers my guild often puts them with the hunters becoase a) their debuff that heals / regens mana heals our pet so we can use our mana to shoot instead of mending pets
T5 first set bonus works similar but sinds I dont have it I wont talk about it :)
shamans, manaspring totem, grace of air also works wonders if no spriest is available, healing stream totem doesnt heal much but as I alwais say, every little bits help
feraldruid, leader of the pact 5% additional crit, and chance on crit to heal yourself, 5% crit is always welcome


im an alchemist myself and during raids I use
Elixir of major agility, +35 agility, +20 additional critical strike rating
Elixir of major mageblood, +16mp5
Ravagerdog or Warp burger ( 40 rap / 20 agi and stamina )
Superior mana oil, 14mp5 ( as of last patch I went dual wield to apply them twice )
fel mana pots / super mana pots are a must-have aswell

some WWS logs (hydros, lurker, leo attempts ) ( Lurker, gruul's lair ( mind you, I died at maugler at like 12% becoase FD resisted [B]again[/B[ ) ( KZ from friday )

p.s. questions or comments ill reply to
leave flaming at the entrance please.

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