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Ok after the recent influx of posts on the forums from people asking about Warrior stats I decided to knock-up a quick reference guide. In the following post you will find a list of important Warrior stats, the minimum you should get, the soft-cap and hard-cap of each (if relevant)


  • 1. Stat Overview – (this post)
  • 1.1 Important Warrior Stats
    1.2 Minor Stats
    1.3 Stats to be avoided
  • 2. Warrior Caps – (post 2)
  • 3. – (post 3)
  • 4. – (post 4)

1. Stat Overview

1.1 Important Warrior Stats

Critical Strike
Critical strike or "crit" refers to 100% bonus physical damage that occurs as a result of an attack made with melee or ranged weapons. The higher percentage you have the more chance a melee, ranged or special attack has to crit.

Dodge is our chance to ‘dodge out of the way’ of incoming attacks.

Expertise or “exp” is an attribute that decreases the chance that melee attacks will be Dodged or Parried.

Haste simply increases our Attack speed.

Hit is the stat that determines whether our special and normal melee attacks will land on the target.

Mastery is a stat that varies depending on which talent tree you specked into.

Parry is the Warriors chance of ‘redirecting’ incoming attacks by reducing the damage of the next two melee swings from the attacker by 50%.

Stamina or “sta” provides the Warrior with 1 health per stamina for the first 20 points of stamina, and 14 health per point of stamina thereafter.

Strength or “Str” is a stat that increases the Warriors raw power (Attack Power) or a Warriors ability to Parry an attack.

1.2 Minor Stats

Agility or “agi” increases the Warrior’s Critical Strike chance by a small margin. As a rule of thumb Warriors should avoid gear with Agility present on the item. However in some case, and particularly with Ranged weapons, there are a lack of suitable Strength based alternatives and an Agility based one should be chosen that has the best secondary stats available (Hit, Exp etc.) Agility will not be discussed further.

Resilience is a character attribute that reduces damage taken from players. This stat is a PvP stat ONLY and has no place in PvE. In PvP the Warrior should take as much gear as possible with this stat to help mitigate damage taken from enemy players. Resilience will not be discussed further.

1.3 Stats to be avoided

Items, Enchants and Gems with Intellect or Spirit should be avoided at all costs as they do not effect Warriors in any way what so-ever.

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Thanks Wrenage, I've added this to the Warrior Guides & Useful Links sticky :-)