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#1 - 2011/02/11 02:33:27 PM
HotR Hotfixed...sort of.

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The area-of-effect attack of Hammer of the Righteous no longer has a chance to miss secondary targets when the primary attack hits the paladin's target. If the primary attack of Hammer of the Righteous fails to hit the target due to miss/dodge/parry/block, no enemies will be affected by the area-of-effect attack.

Edit: Thread title was "HorR" instead of HotR and the thread was 9 pages long before I noticed. And nobody called me out on it. I <3 the tanking forums.

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#40 - 2011/02/11 09:09:28 PM
The post quoted below is pretty accurate. This change to Hammer of the Righteous was a bug fix. Before the change, if the main attack missed the area attack also missed. If the main attack hit, the area attack could still miss.

Now, if the main attack misses the area attack also misses, but if the main attack hits, the area attack also hits. This means there is only one hit/miss roll for the attack, as opposed to two before.

We like that the design of this ability is different from other AoE attacks which have individual attack rolls. Hammer of the Righteous is a single attack with splash damage and we don't see a reason to change its design at this time. We just wanted to fix the consistency issue.

I think this is a buff from what they had though.

To my knowledge, it was:

hit with HotR: subsequent hit rolls for all targets
miss with HotR: misses on everything

After today if they hit they hit everything, if they miss they miss everything. It feels a bit more consistent to me this way.

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#78 - 2011/02/11 10:36:24 PM
02/11/2011 1:42 PMPosted by Shix
I think it's more that blues refuse to acknowledge Communism exists in their forums.

Well, he won't for the next week or so anyway.

This thread is discussing the implications of a hotfix which was just applied, so I jumped in to clarify. For those of you out there who feel I could have chosen a different thread to look at for 10 minutes, I ask you to recognize that's not your decision to make. You can email [email protected] if you're dissatisfied with my approach to community management, but I won't allow you to troll and derail a thread with off-topic posts just because you feel my response is a waste of time. Using this approach, all you're doing is wasting my and everyone else's time.