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#1 - 2011/02/11 02:00:38 AM
because you seem to have forgotten about low levels... I mean really? do you not have intelligent people working for you? Ok, lets just take one example of you completely messing up the game at low levels, so disc was in a bad state... we all know this, because of the massive health pools that you decided to put in for god knows why, but anyways, so you decide to buff power word: Shield... ok that's fine for 85, but back at level 10... you know when the health pool is the same as it has been for like 10 months, it doesn't work, I mean why would a priest with like 200 hp be able to absorb 300 damage... it is such a simple fix, just make improved power word: shield trainable at 80 or something... there is tons of things like this that need fixing, like have auto shot on the move trainable at 60, because hunters were already the most OP class 10-40 anyways... so why buff them at that level... if I just started WoW a week ago, and went into my first battle ground I would quit right then and there because of the insane balance issues... I know you are balancing for end game but come on its such an easy fix in most cases, like I said with the priest bubbles just have an improved spell trainable at certain levels.

And yes I know this is probly the wrong spot to put this but I couldn't find the suggestion board so putting it here.

/end rant

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#9 - 2011/02/11 02:20:35 AM
The designers are actually actively looking over some of the lower level balance to try to ensure that those who either actively play those brackets or level up through them are having a good, balanced time. Most of the changes made were to serve the questing experience and introduction of abilities to new players, but certainly there's a possibility for some changes to be made and still keep that goal.

02/10/2011 6:00 PMPosted by Humpti
I mean really? do you not have intelligent people working for you?

It's not too hard to be a moderately decent person. Really. I appreciate that you have concerns or questions, but there's absolutely no reason to talk to us that way. When you're able to post again in a month please let me know if it was a sufficient amount of time for that to become clear.