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#1 - 2011/02/11 02:04:03 AM

Like D2 where any boss can drop any item as long as that boss meets the requirements.

Would solve a ton of que problems.

Sometimes you just can't explain to people what made D2 great, you either know or just don't know. Take a hike brit.

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#3 - 2011/02/11 02:09:59 AM
That's kind of the point of ... points (justice/valor). Even if you're not getting what you want you're eventually getting what you want. More or less. You'd also be blowing out drop tables to a pretty insane degree. Not too bad for a game like Diablo. Pretty bad for a game like WoW.

Also that system of allowing any boss to drop any item in Diablo II really encouraged some very bad forms of gameplay. It devolved into doing 'runs' of the easiest or most efficient bosses. Not exactly interesting. It's something we're actively trying to avoid repeating with Diablo III, and not something we'd want to encourage in World of Warcraft. :)