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#1 - 2011/02/10 02:24:49 PM
The number one cause of gay children committing suicide in the world is hatespeech. This is a fact. I have to imagine that many gay children play WoW as a matter of fact I know this to be true.

Blizzard and I agree that hatespeech has no place whatsoever in World of Warcraft. Every time I see the use of hatespeech in a realm I play on or a BG that I am in, I report it. I promise you, from the emails I have gotten from former players and tells I have recieved from brand new accounts, that Blizzard takes this VERY seriously. And no, me talking to Blizz will not get your account back.

If you are wondering what I mean by hatespeech, I am talking about the 6 letter "F" word that people use regarding gay people, the "N" word, or disparaging words or comments about ANY group or minority.

My point in posting is this: If you use hatespeech, stop it. Grow up. If you see it used report it, takes 10 seconds and could save some confused kid. If you don't want to go that far, warn the player. Say "Hey, you can get in trouble for that.". Either way, one player's lols are not worth a child's life.

Trolls: Let me save you some typing. I don't care what you think of me, my resolve, my gear, my guild, my name, my character's race, class, spec... etc. etc. etc.

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#73 - 2011/02/10 10:00:36 PM
While I appreciate the conversation that is trying to happen in this thread, it is, unfortunately, attracting the wrong kind of attention.

I'll leave this with the following thoughts:

1) Such hate speech or other inappropriate content for the game is NOT tolerated. We do care, and we will take action against all violations that are reported. If you see something that offends you in-game, report it to our Game Masters. It will be dealt with accordingly per the appropriate policy. Keep in mind, however, that our Game Masters function as a reactive service. This means without your reports, action may not be taken.

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2) This type of discussion does not allow permission to use terms that violate our policies. Please obey the Forum Code of Conduct when posting, and avoid topics that are inappropriate for these forums.

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3) If you see harassment (or directly receive it), DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. If you do not wish to see what that person is saying or find it offensive, place them on ignore, and report them. Singling them out will instigate that person to continue on, and could be seen as trolling in itself. These two wrongs do not make a right. Just report and move on - it saves more of your time, and helps us help you.