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#0 - 2007/11/08 12:12:58 PM
While had my wow stop, i decided to come back.. ok, nothing fancy there,..just that i am playing a new paladin called Wing instead of Darkrider (first pala in EU with Thunderfury, Blessed blade of the windseeker, and perhaps one of the oldest tankers as pala ^^)....Perhaps i can change my name back to Darkrider when the option will be available =).

now the more important matter...

I will continue the delevelopment of my (old) addon Master & Commander again. Written for paladins, by paladins.

Current version: 0.19a(updated on 11/17/2007.
Suitable for patch 2.3.0


This version's changes:
New update done:
0.20b -----------------
- addon to beta phase
- made background darker from the configuration menu
- removed alpha notification on load
- removed unused files and codes
- fixed tell in raid for avenger's shield
- corrected some grammar in warning messages
- added the crusader aura warning for combat
- moved the pull message in combat tab in config pane up where it had to be & entered a correct title
- hud(s) now scalable
- can only be dragged using the CTRL button now


What is this topic for?
I hope to get a bit of attention for this addon, even though it's a bit outdated.. but i realized there is still need for certain specific paladin functions in the community who haven't been furfilled yet. I would like to ask you therefore to ask you more imput, to make this addon up to date and functioning

What is Master and Commander?
This addon is written to aid your function as a master (experienced player) or as commander(Raidleader or classleader).
In example:
- As classleader, you would be able to view other paladin's stats and know about their improved talents (in development)
- As protection paladin; you would be able to see the most important stats, active judgements, time left on Righteous Fury, total amount of evasion, state in any channel if your Righteous defence has resisted
- As retribution paladin; you will be able to see (in development) who is focussing you in battlegrounds, misses of crusader strike for raids in any channel
- holy paladin; none yet

What does it currently have:
- tanking hud (scalable!)
- mana regeneration mp/5
- visibility in and out of combat
- actiivity in Righteous Fury
- see when Ardent Defender is active
- tanking support messages
- taunt (RD) resist + names
- taunt (RD) success + names
- Avenger Shield misses
- tanking support
- automatic buff remover when tanking for: BoP, BoS, DP, DS
- retribution support messages
- failed to apply Crusader strike

- combat
- pull message with avenger's shield (in raid/party targeting a non-controllable player[/b]
- aura change in combat notification

What will be coming up (some things need to be researched on, since i have not all the current data on tbc):
- Retribution hud
- see if the player is focussing you in battlegrounds
- help function
- 'floating' statviewer. (this function will give you the option to overview his stats in a single click, this will be handy for raidleaders or paladin class leaders)

Needed Updates & known bugs
- tank hud graphics
- Fix for Righteous Fury blink
- Spam when pulling with avenger's shield
- whole new interface system from Blizzard considering the battle log, so i need to change a lot of the current implemented things

On the horizon
- Holy shield Chargers or warner to get more visual grip when you need to recast it (prot)
- See if your target is focusing you in battlegrounds (ret / holy)
- Check any paladin's stats in your guild/raid/party ( leading )
- Current total amount of evasion(avoidance) for the tankhud (prot)
- a button in the hud so you can put your all your configurations on "off" the moment. (general)
- threat que-spell monitor in tankud (prot, need heavy testing first )
- sound for Rigtheous Fury fading (prot, done in personal version )
- disable / new kind of mesage for IMMUNE tauntable targets (prot, done but needs fixing with combat log )

In consideration/research
- ready messages for holy shield, holy shock and crusader strike
- bug in buy-button on Auction House

and dont forget, always in for suggestions:
So.. spew your input :)

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#41 - 2007/11/13 04:19:10 PM
Nice to see Master and Commander back in development. I have added this to the Informative and useful Paladin threads sticky: