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#0 - 2007/12/03 02:25:58 PM
As our brand new tanking pally Blue just showed the community... we need some Stickies in the Pally forums.

He asked all good, yet fundamental questions that have been previously in solid guides by the player base.

Many people have written nice guides and how-to's for the pally class. I personally have written two:

For Ret in Raids:

Tankadins for non-pallys and new pallys:
(my tanking one isn't fully completed/updated because there wasn't much response)

Many of Eyonix's questions could have been answered in a guide.

Why don't we have some stickies?

Is it that we just haven't found enough "good" material for some?

Is it that the pally class is still undergoing changes and so they don't want to put any up yet?

Is it that we're forgotten?

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#6 - 2007/12/03 07:38:07 PM
Stickies (for all class boards) are my #1priority this week.

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#14 - 2007/12/03 07:52:00 PM
Q u o t e:

Did you take some Prozak this morning, Eyonix? You're abnormally cheery, helpful, and existent on the forums.

^ In no way meant to deride you.

Hehe, I don't think this behavior is abnormal for me. My posting tone is often based on what I'm addressing/discussing, and the purpose of what I seek to accomplish when making a comment.