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#0 - 2008/01/10 02:02:17 PM
Have a fun story how you got your pet? Share it here.

I went to an island in South Durotar as fresh lvl 11 dwarf to catch a Durotar tiger because I learned no other tigers are available at low level.

To get there without help I ran all the way from Westfall to Booty Bay (swimming mostly) tookt he boot to Ratchett and ran up to Durotar.

Any hordes out here who got to Darnassus for their pet?

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#5 - 2008/01/10 03:07:09 PM
My first character in WoW was a dwarf hunter.

The RL friends I played with both started night elfs so I ran to Teldrassil pre-level 10 and ended up doing my initial pet quests in the elf areas.

As a result, I tamed a level 11 or 12 nightsaber and I still have it to this day.

He was stabled occasionally so that I could learn new skills like dash and prowl, but that little kitty is the only companion I take out into the world with me!