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#0 - 2008/03/11 01:26:04 AM

I have made some Screenshots to help young Engineers to farm Primal Air/Water/Shadow

I don´t saw a Thread like this on your profession Forums. If you want to make such Maps too you need to download

Cartographer incl Cartographer Routes

Cartographer Extract Gas

Here the screenshots with the best route you can fly

Nagrand Primal Air

Shadowmoonvalley Primal Shadow

Zangamarshes!? Primal Water

Be sure to have 3 bagslots free when you use to extraxt gas.

I would add a Netherstorm map too but i don´t know how many time this need. I update these maps every month on the german professions forum. Look on this link if you want to see updates

Please report me for sticky.

Sry my english is not so good but i think everybody knows what i mean.

Goodbye Enigmas

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#8 - 2008/07/10 04:49:35 PM
Nice :-)

Added to the sticky compilation: