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#0 - 2008/03/26 01:01:10 PM
For 2.4

Q u o t e:

See third post to fill out a form for Blizzard to see, and use.
Also, report the post for sticky, that way, the form will actively be used. I really don't care if Blizzard thinks the class needs review. You don't need to be an expert to realize that when this many people are this disappointed, to the point of account cancellation, that something is wrong.

Please be appropriate and non-vulgar as it is the best way to be taken seriously.

You do not have to take anything I say here as factual material, it is merely educated opinion, and I will take extra precaution to allow others to input theirs. I ask one thing. Seeing as I will provide evidence for my reasons, I expect that you do too, otherwise you really don't have a case. This is a simple rule in provocativeness, and if you can't follow it, you're just trolling. You can bug me about posting on an alt, but rest assured, I wouldn't come here if I didn't have a lot of compassion about this class, and a lot of knowledge about it as a bonus.

Our current "problems":

-Blizzard is seriously affecting us due to their shortsighted decisions on both spirit changes and resilience changes. Hunters did NOT need a MP nerf, and the fact that we have now received one is simply more evidence of the fact that Blizz is becoming increasingly ignorant with their balancing attempts. There other big one was resilience.

-If you ask any 2200+ hunter what his most important play is in the arena, he is likely to answer with either the drain game (mana draining) or player vs pillar (which 9/10 times works against us). And now, with resilience affecting mana drain %'s, the average hunter will receive a 25% mana drain decrease and this is likely to (but not yet known to) drain our healers' mana bars before we can drain the others'.

What Blizzard is doing, and why it isn't helping:

-In the past few months, Blizzard possibly got sick of hearing hunters complain about their lack of utility in the arenas. So to get us off their backs, they did the unthinkable, the one thing every person has dreaded since it was first talked about. They cut the deadzone. On top of that, aimed shot got an MS effect, and arcane shot turned into a ranged purge/damage dealer. At first, I know I can say I was, people were cheering that finally our prayers had been answered, and we got more than we expected. Unfortunately, all this did was make our class have utility. Having utility does not mean you can easily use it to your advantage. What do I mean? 2% of the top 100 teams with at least 50 games played in are hunters.

What does this mean? It means, possibility, and not feasibility. Think of it as, giving a bomb to a terrorist capable of destroying the world, and telling them they have to guess the 15 digit code.

What needs to happen:

-I've been saying this for 6 months and I know others have been too.
Hunters don't need to be nerfed.
Hunters don't need to be buffed.
Hunters NEED TO BE fixed.

And how? Don't ask me. I'm not being payed a yearly salary to make a class work, but I can sure as hell tell you that the people who are, are doing a terrible job.

!!*#ing @@@%##@s, go !!*# yourself. Hope to see you lose all your players to games like AoC and WaR


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#2 - 2008/03/26 01:14:13 PM
After copying and pasting that post from the US realms, you failed to follow it's nature to the very essence. By this, I obviously am refering to:

Q u o t e:
Please be appropriate and non-vulgar as it is the best way to be taken seriously.

By being a bit more civil and respectful, you can get a whole lot further while also avoiding time-out's from the forums.