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#0 - 2008/03/31 09:27:49 PM
The latest news on mmo-champion ( suggests that leveling from 70-80 will require 50% more XP than leveling from 60-70. If this is any indicator of time, it would suggest that leveling from 70-80 will take even more time than leveling from 60-70, and probably somewhere around 75% of the time it took to level from 1-70.

Please say it isn't so, because, as a casual player, I have no desire to invest twice as much time leveling from 70-80 as I did from 60-70.

Leveling from 1-60 was fun

60-70 was tedious and took almost as much time as 1-60

70-80 ... almost as much time as 1-70?? No thanks

Please consider this when making your leveling decisions about the next expansion. Thank you.

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#21 - 2008/03/31 09:52:44 PM
Possibly, we haven't announced or even decided on anything final whatsoever, but it really doesn't matter how much the XP curve is increased. The important factor is how much XP you'll be getting from the quests and kills.

You can make the bucket 10x bigger, but if the water filling up the bucket increases comparably then it's really no different. What that does though is makes older water sources less desirable to fill your bucket from.