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#1 - 2011/01/27 03:57:00 PM
This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads on PvP.

Official Information
Conquest Point Cap Clarification -

General Guides and Information
[PvP-guide] Gaining Arena Rating (MMR) (short summary) - By Dalrian
[PvP Guide] Crowd Control (CC) and their Diminishing Returns (DR) - by Thornass
[PvP-guide] Arathi Basin - by Dalrian
[PvP-guide] Eye of the Storm - by Worgandexter
[PvP-guide] Strand of the Ancients - by Gismokvack
[PvP-guide] Gaining Arena Rating - by Dalrian
[PvP-guide] Proper PvP Keybinding - by Lythox
[PvP-guide] The Battle for Gilneas - by Gismokvack
PvP-guide] A full guide to RBG leading - by Daisyx

10 ways to write a better Balance thread. - by Divinesteak