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#0 - 2008/04/09 12:37:46 PM
"Am I ready for Karazhan?"

The question keeps popping so yet another gear guide, maybe it'll help someone. I stuck to stuff that's easily quested or crafted, without entering heroics and through minimal instancing.

This is a guide, I'm not providing a dozen options for every slot but tried to stick to best-in-slot blues. There may be better options for some slots but follow this and your gear will be fine to start Karazhan.

Head: Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight from a quest chain that starts here Ignore the socket bonus and fill up with agility gems, enchant with the Glyph of Ferocity (requires Revered with Cenarion Expedition)

Neck: Natasha's Choker from a quest chain in Blade's Edge Mountains that starts here

Shoulders: No good quest option here so Beast Lord Mantle from Warlord Kalithresh, the end boss in The Steamvault. Gem with agility/hit in the yellow slot and agility in the red slot if you want the stamina bonus. Pretty much the best blue shoulders from PvE, if you like PvP go for the Gladiator Spaulders Make sure you put an Inscription on them from your Aldor or Scryer rep.

Back: Delicate Green Poncho from the Bring Me The Egg! quest in Nagrand for a nice item for little effort. The hit rating will be invaluable when raiding. Enchant with +12 agility (Greater Agility, materials are 1 Greater Planar Essence, 4 Arcane Dust and 1 Primal Air)

Chest: The easiest is probably Felstalker Breastplate practically any leatherworker can make it, just need to grind those 8 Primal Air, gem up with all agility unless you care about the bonus. New option is the drop from Kael'thas in Magister's Terrace, Hauberk of the Warbringer which is easily better. Enchant with +6 to all stats (Exceptional Stats, mats are fairly hefty at 4 Large Prismatic Shards, 4 Greater Planar Essence and 4 Arcane Dust).

Wrists: Get a pair of Felstalker Bracers for quick and easy, however the PvP option Vindicator's Chain Bracers is significantly better. Enchant with +24 attack power (Assault, materials are 6 Arcane Dust).

Hands: Beast Lord Handguards from the end boss in Shattered Halls. As ever, there's the PvP option though the gloves are lackluster. Enchant with +26 attack power (Assault, materials are 8 Arcane dust) for now, that'll do until you get something better.

Waist: Felstalker Belt is pretty decent. For those who enjoy PvP, Vindicator's Chain Girdle is excellent, also for PvE.

Legs: Scaled Greaves of Patience from the second boss in Old Hillsbrad, gem with agility in all slots and stick a Cobrahide Leg Armor on for PvE.

Feet: Duro Footgear from the quest Rightful Repossession in Netherstorm are surprisingly good and dps-wise pretty much on par with the level 70 blue drops, so might as well use them until a raid or heroic drop. Stick a +10 stamina armor kit on since these boots are placeholders.

Fingers: Slayer's Mark of the Redemption from a SMV group-quest chain that starts with the solo-able
If you're Aldor you can get Kaylaan's Signet with the same stats from a short group-quest chain that starts with A non-faction option for the second ring slot is Band of Anguish from the SMV quest News of Victory, the last in a short chain. Same hit and AP, 2 agi less though.

Trinkets: Bladefist's Breadth from the Hellfire Peninsula quest Overlord for Alliance and Cruel's Intentions for Horde, end of a short chain that starts from a guaranteed drop
Hourglass of the Unraveller drops from the second boss in Black Morass, it's a pain because an instance drop but worth it. And the same boss drops a nice chest too so maybe you'll get lucky.
For those who enjoy PvP, there's the underappreciated Mark of Conquest A: H: from Hellfire/Zangarmarsh PvP marks.

Melee: Crystalforged War Axe is your friend because you can buy it on the AH for 45G or less even though what you really want is Sonic Spear from the last boss in Shadow Labyrinth -- good luck. Slap on Savagery because it's cheap or Major Agility if you're flush with cash/shards, it's slightly better.

Ranged: Valanos' Longbow should be easy to find on the AH for 35G or less and it's actually very good. Stick on an Adamantite Scope and save more expensive scopes for your epic upgrade.

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