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#0 - 2009/12/07 06:41:22 PM

I've noticed when me or other pretty new players ask what profession is good for their class there is strange answers like.

"Take JC /BS !!"
"Take Alchemy/Eng"
"Take Enchanting/JC"

I've been thinking that how in hell I am supposed to pay the costs of two crafting professions when I don't have any main with 10k gold and who can buy AH out of every gem or ore etc.
Please explain and don't start insulting if I haven't noticed something as pretty new player ;___;

Also sidequestion: Is Mining/JC good combination if I am starting mage in a new server where I don't have any other characters? Will I be able to lvl it easily and also getting good money (early game)

Thanks in advance !

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#10 - 2009/12/08 03:49:04 PM
Q u o t e:
There is no way you can pay for two crafting professions while you level, if you do, I'll reroll on your server. Pre-TBC-players often can't remember how it was being new to the game and therefore thinks everyone got a main with golden pockets.

This one speaks the truth :-)

If you have other high level characters with gathering professions that can supply you with the raw materials you need, then it is usually not that much of an issue to have two crafting professions on your new character, but if you only have one character, then it is more sensible to have one crafting profession accompanied by a gathering profession.

I for an example have mining and engineering on one character, and herbalism and alchemy on another, and these two characters are also supplying raw materials to a third character of mine that has jewelcrafting and inscription, and I often have to buy raw materials on the side from the auction house on top of that. Having two crafting professions on a single character works for me fairly ok, but only because I have other characters that can supply the materials needed :-)

Many long-time players have made several characters over the years, so getting crafting supplies is not really a big deal for them, and therefore it is not something they think much about... I guess this can explain the strange profession advice long-time players can give at times, but for people with only one or two characters, two crafting professions on the same character is ill-advised.

I have heard of some people who have two crafting professions on one character that is being supplied by another character, who then has two gathering professions. I think that this is a rather neat arrangement if the character with the two gathering professions has stealth abilities, because that will make it is easier to reach the various herbs and mining nodes.