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Kariel's Shattered Sun Quests Guide[/b]

Hi all.
This is my guide to all the Shattered Sun dailys. Suggestions and corrections very welcome. Also I’m not going to cover the non-daily quests just yet but if anybody else wants to write that bit then please do!

There are two types of Shattered Sun dailys, those in outland and those on ‘the Isle of Quel'Danas’ in Azeroth. Most outland quests give Shattered Sun Supplies and just over 10g as a reward. The supplies always contain a random green item and sometimes (I estimate 1/10) also contain a badge of justice.

The island quests give differing rewards, some Aldor/Scryer rep items, some just gold. The ley-lines quests gives a scroll that transports you back to Shattrath. In order to get to the island, you can either talk to the flight master in Ironforge or Silvermoon city or, if your realm has it kept open, there is sometimes a portal to the island in the centre of Shattrath directly below the badges of justice vendor.

OUTLAND Shattered Sun dailys
(In the order I normally do them)

Gaining the Advantage
Obtained from Emissary Mordin just up from the Alliance Warmasters in Shatt.
An easy quest if you have mining, herbalism or skinning. Basically using these skills you have a chance to get Nether Residue with your ore/herb/leather/whatever. I normally just take the quest and collect the residue as I do my normal herbing. I end up handing in every 2-3 days.

The Multiphase Survey
Obtained from Harbinger Haronem just up from the Horde Warmasters in Shatt.

This is a very easy quest. You can do it at the same time as the Nagrand cooking/fishing dailys or if you have an epic flying mount whislt you queue for a battleground. Simply fly (or ride) to Oshugun in Nagrand, then equip the goggles (can bug if you equip goggles in Shatt). Open you paper-doll character and drag the goggles onto your action bar somewhere. You will see and hear what looks like fire on ‘The Sims’ when you burn their house down. Land nearish to this and use the goggles. Repeat 5 more times and go hand in to the quest giver or move on to your next daily.

Intercepting the Mana Cells/Maintaining the Sunwell portal (same quest)
Obtained from Exarch Nasuun in the centre of Shatt, next to the portal if it is open.
This is the quest you need to do to either open the portal to sunwell isle, or to keep the portal open. First fly (yes you need flying mount or a warlock to summon you for this one) to northern Blades Edge Mountains until you find an Ethereals base called “Bashir Landing”. Kill Ethereals until they drop BASH'IR PHASING DEVICE. Once you have this, use it and your graphics will go all weird looking. You will be able to find and take the mana cells (purple cubes) which are guarded by mana worms, but the Ethereals will disappear. Once you have completed the quest, simply fly or run away from the area and you will phase back into the normal world. I find it’s best to do this in the air, but not too high to avoid phasing into a dragon.

Sunfury Attack Plans
Obtained from Lord Torvos just up from the Alliance Warmasters in Shatt.
After getting your mana cells, fly across to any of the mana forges in Netherstorm and start killing Bloodelves. Any will do, from lowly engineers to named captains and mages. Eventually (normally 10 kills max but you can get unluckiy) the plans will drop and you’re done! You can do this one without the flying mount.

Blast the Gateway and Blood for Blood
Both obtained from Magistrix Seyla at the Throne of Kil'Jaeden north of Thrallamar (horde town) in Hellfire Peninsula.
I’ve grouped there two together as they are in the same area and have the same quest giver. They are best done together. As far as I’m aware the only way to get there is to fly, although there is a (non-daily) quest that teleports you there from the Sunwell Isle. These quests are less straight forwards so more explanation is given.

Firstly there are four mob types to deal with at the throne:
1. Doom Lord Kazzak – a huge world raid boss who will kill you if you aggro him. He is not part of the quests. Best avoided.
2. Felblood Initiates – level 69-72 elites. These are tough but can be killed. Ideally, however you want to avoid these until you’ve collected your demon blood.
3. Wrath Heralds – these are the guys you want to kill first for ‘Blood for Blood’. They drop Demonic blood.
4. Incandescent Fel Spark – these are fire elementals and the main reason primal fire prices have fallen recently. Killing these near a living flare will charge the living flare. This is a good thing.

There are three items you need to deal with
1. Sizzling Embers – given by quest giver. This summons a living flare who will follow you around even when mounted or flying. Be careful, however, if you fly too far and fast it will get stuck and disappear. When you re-summon it will have lost all its charge. The living flares remain orange until they are fully charged and then become a greeny-yellow.
2. Fel Siphon – given by the quest giver. This is a gun type thing that turns elite Felblood Initiates into non-elite Emaciated Felbloods. The gun uses 1 Fel Blood per shot. Killing Emaciated Felbloods is the main quest goal of “Blood for Blood”.
3. Fel Blood – drops from Wrath Heralds. Is required before using your Fel Siphon. You can only carry 4 at a time, but if you end the quest with some left you can save for tomorrow!

How to do the quest
Once I have the quests I normally fly to the far side of the area where there are no Felbloods to get in the way. Once there, summon your Living Flare from your Sizzling Embers and you can merrily start killing Wrath Heralds for blood and Fel Sparks to charge your Living Flare. Note, your Flare is charged by any Fel Spark that dies nearby, not just the ones killed by you. There is quite a fast respawn rate so be careful where you sit down to eat.

Once you have 4 Fel Blood in your bag you can move to an area that has Felbloods and start zapping them with your Fel Siphon (one at a time I recommend). Be sure to do some damage first as it is possible for somebody else to tag them after you have zapped them and steal the kill either on purpose or by accident. Also be careful not to stun the Felblood whilst it transforms as this can cause it to bug. Once you have 4 felbloods slain you can pop back and kill more Fel Sparks until your flare turns yellow. Carefully fly back to the gateway with your flare and land inside. Wait for the flames and the quest complete and then you can hand in.

These quests can be done well in a party as both party members get the felblood kills no matter who zapped it and both benefit from nearby Fel Spark kills.

Ata'mal Armaments
This quest is obtained from Smith Hauthaa at the Sun's Reach Armory on the Isle of Quel'Danas. I include it as an outland quest becuase in order to complete it you must go to just outside the black temple in Shadowmoon Valley. This quest takes a bit more time than the others, but has a betetr reward. You can kill any of the orcs in the northern terrace of the black temple (not actully in the instance) until they drop 5 Ata'mal armaments. Watch out for the elite patrols. You can probably kill them, but it's easier to avoid them. Another tip is to attack two fighting orcs when they are about 60% health from fighting each other.

Once you have your 5 armaments, head back to Smith Hauthaa at the Sun's Reach Armory on the Isle of Quel'Danas, either through the Shatt portal or via Silvermoon/Ironforge. Use the armaments at her avil then handin to her. Since this quests requires you going back and forwards between outland and the island a bit you may want to do this quest over two days, e.g. pick up when you do island quests on day 1, handin when you do them on day 2. This avoids you getting stuck on the island when you want to go do your netherwing dailys or whatever.

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